BillQuick-Logo-HiResIf someone were to ask me about the elements that make up a good SaaS solution, constant iteration would be top of my list.

In an industry where speed and agility is of essence, most solutions rush the first iteration of their product quickly out the door. Which is fine, as long as they iterate later.

Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

BillQuick, an accounting software solution we reviewed earlier, seems to be an exception. They have released the latest iteration of their software with a bunch of cool new features.

As I had mentioned in my previous review of the solution, BQE is focused on streamlining daily business tasks. Shafat Qazi, chief executive officer and founder of the company, had identified automating repetitive tasks as one of the core features of the solution.

The new enhancements are focused on taking that concept further. According to their press release, the new release are focused on creating friction-free software that is intelligent, intuitive, and interactive. In terms of features, this means that you can look forward to powerful live Gantt charts that detail vital aspects of your project’s health in a beautiful and interactive manner and automated conversion of To-Do items into time entries and real-time tracking of schedules. You can also forecast workloads and revenue, view additional performance analytics, and automate tasks like job rescheduling and invoice generation.

“We’re very conscious of the challenges firms encounter trying to monitor project tasks and balancing employee workloads,” says Qazi. “As a result, we have given customers powerful tools to help them allocate resources efficiently and complete projects on time, which is the absolute key to achieving peak profitability.”

It is hard not to see why. Quite simply, automation of routine tasks, such as invoice generation and scheduling, saves time and effort for managers. In addition, it provides additional intelligence and data about their accounting functions. It also increases employee productivity by enabling them to focus on tasks that matter.

“Service professionals are extremely interested in optimizing their realization rates,” says Khalel Dumaz, who works with the company, “Any time they spend dealing with overhead and management tasks is time they are not applying directly to a billable client.” According to him, this is the reason, BillQuick developed the features to “make every hour count and minimize mundane, repetitive tasks which change a firm’s focus.

He says the new features are meant to provide company with tools to make informed decisions about their future. “We felt a mandate to supply customers with these tools,” he says.

In my previous review, I had concluded that smart programming can make tasks easy. Guess what? BillQuick just got easier (and better!)

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