Softphones leverage the power of the VoIP technologies to an extent where we no longer need to drill a hole in our bank account to enjoy seamless communication. The past few years saw the incredibly fast rise of multiple applications of the VoIP, which allow the use of the protocol without ever purchasing additional equipment or hiring experts to install the technology.

Nowadays, you can have a VoIP softphone running on your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer in less than 5 minutes by simply installing a specific application. To help make the choice among the literally hundreds of apps much easier, I’ve prepared a lists with the top VoIP smartphones for Android and iOS devices.



The Media5-fone is often referred to as the easiest and most popular VoIP softphone for both Android and iOS users. It can also work with a pretty huge list of SIP providers, so you will not be required to make any changes to your existing setup. With easy customization and multiple other features the Media5-fone will have everything you need to leverage the power of VoIP in your organization.



The Zoiper is one of the most popular video softphones available today for both iOS and Android users. It’s also really easy to configure and can be paired with bluetooth headset or a car audio system. Furthermore, you can even use QR code to signup with your account credentials. With conference calls, detailed statistics and recording the Zoiper softphone is very likely to have everything you need for effective communication within your organization.



VoIP is all about smart call management and the most effective way to achieve this is with the help of the SessionTalk softphone – probably the most intuitive softphone for iOS and Android users. With app background support and use of the VP8 codec, SessionTalk makes switching between apps on mobile devices a snap. Furthermore, you can even swap between 2 active calls, which will surely revolutionize communication in your company. The SessionTalk softphone supports calls over both WiFi and 3G networks.



The Bria softphone for iOS and Android users has been widely recognized all over the world and gained even wider popularity by winning several industry awards. It’s considered one of the most secure softphone applications available today and also doesn’t require any active subscriptions to SIP providers. The basic Bria softphone application is available for just $7.99 and once you install it, you can purchase additional addons, such as video calls and instant text messages, to improve the overall experience.



Small businesses have different needs when it comes to VoIP softphones, so iCall aims to provide these for just $2 a month. With simple and rather cheap subscription options, iCall will help small business owners leverage the power of the VoIP without investing in expensive subscription or any equipment other than their smartphone. You can also easily setup your own toll-free number and make communication with your small business even easier!