New innovations have changed representatives work propensities, the administration of their day by day objectives and the way they fulfill job requirements . Notwithstanding this, advancement has likewise brought expanded workloads that require multitasking which in the end may diminish adequacy.

Another factor being time! If you are an entrepreneur, then you know about the significance of time management. There are just 24 hours in a day which implies you should deal with your hours cautiously to be able to complete all your work. Accomplishing more during your time isn’t just an issue of taking a seat and working harder. Rather, being more gainful and productive requires that you work harder on the right things and in the right direction.

But how would you accomplish that? How do entrepreneurs complete all their work with no bother? Is it too difficult to make sure that no important date or meeting arrangement is missed ? Password related hindrance? Are there too many minute details deterring you from remembering anything with clarity? Are all these questions haunting you too? Well, you are not the only one. Let us find out how to break these impediments with an ease.

Obviously, business people have portable devices and luckily for business visionaries, there are a lot of applications for these devices out there that will help to both sort out a mind-boggling workload and give the inspiration expected to complete things effortlessly. There is an application for pretty much everything making your entrepreneurial interests and experience a bit more rewarding and way easier respectively. Where some are free, some may call for a subscription fee.

Come on Entrepreneurs! Make life away more easy by using the following apps and focus on better things in your business. Here are some mobile productivity applications for entrepreneurs:


All you have to do with Evernote is to make a note!

It captures photos of technical designs and receipts, syncs meeting notes from a digital pen or by scanning. You can use other creative ways of using Evernote such as; store memories and picture you don’t want to forget and important documents like passport, license, and business cards. And what is as important as a password? Recipes for your favorite dish! Yes, it deals with all of it.

But all the good things in life may not come easy! And you will have to pay $5 for a premium membership as it is quite limiting with a free account. If paying for note making service is not an option, then you can always switch to Evernote alternative and enjoy effective note making experience. For all lazy beings, speech recognition for desktop and mobile apps is unavailable, leaving us with no options but to type. The cons of Evernote is how you use it.


For an entrepreneur, nothing is more valuable than an inspiring and an innovative idea. Entrepreneurs can extract inspiration from anywhere depending on the creativity. You can get inspired by blogs, picture, articles, videos anything! And how amusing will it be to pocket your source of inspiration? That is exactly what pocket does. It saves the information directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse Pinterest, Zite etc. and you don’t even need an internet connection for it, and they are saved on your phone, tablet or computer.

Don’t have time to go through a particular piece of data? Simply pocket it! The best part is that it is totally free. It covers a huge range of options to pocket depending on your interest such as music, analytics, elections, leadership, music, food, art, data even Isis!

To end on a good note, no spoilers for a pocket!


You have meetings to fix, workshops and seminars to attend, many transactions to be made, places to travel and with so much drama going on, the last thing you would want to happen to you is forgetting and mixing up of passwords. LastPass syncs between computers and has multiple multi-factor authentications. It can change passwords for you plus audit passwords as well. All you need to do is to remember one master password of LastPass! It has unlimited stored logins. It is also regarded as better than other similar apps.

With the only spoiler to be is not having the best reputation for customer service and not working on kindle very well, this is a really beneficial for busy entrepreneurs.

Focus Booster

It is designed to ‘make you do more’ and it claims to help you overcome distractions. It keeps a track of time as to how much time has been invested by an individual in doing different activities which help to maintain focus and overcome unavoidable interruptions. With features like ‘instant timesheet’ and ‘manual time entry’, time tracking becomes easier. It accounts for the time spent with the help of quick and easy reports. The graphs and charts give the figure of productivity of an individual by mapping aspects like client share, weekday productivity, client sessions, revenue etc. Do sounds like a perfect app? Isn’t it?

Also, focus booster comes with the subscription for $2.99 per month, which can be a pain for startup entrepreneurs and students. The productivity of this app lies in how well we use it.


Only an entrepreneur would know what it is to lose their important data, files, research, contacts etc. But with the drop box one can keep the useful information and user activities safe! Unlike Evernote it is free! It is also easy to use and very convenient. Sharing files using this application comes with a major advantage of storage. But wait for the cons.

Administrators or developers who maintain this service have the right to delete information or deactivate your account making dropbox not very useful for sensitive files. There are also minor security issues. Also, the users are unable to upload the data with encryption making this one of the biggest flaws in its usage.