Today I present you with the best iPhone apps 2013 and best social media apps that I use every day. Dare I say that I would be lost without them? Bear in mind that these are also all social media apps for iPhone, as that is the device I use. Generally you can find versions for your smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet (iPad or whatever you have), desktop or laptop. I will mention that below each app. Now, without further ado, I will show you the first five now and more next time.

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HootSuite – the best twitter app for iPhone

HootSuite is one of my most used iPhone apps. It is the best twitter app for iPhone. I typically use it to track my two Twitter accounts, but I could use it for much more if I wanted to. I use the free version which is adequate for my needs. If you want to use it or your business or with multiple managers, explore one of their paid options.

You can download HootSuite for your iPad or use it in a browser tab.

Facebook – number one social network, number two app I use most

Facebook is my second most used app. These days I spend most of my time in Facebook groups, most of which are closed and some that are even secret. Where my News Feed is general and very cluttered, groups let me go niche and only track topics tat I am most interested in. Once you have thousands of followers, it becomes hard to keep up. The way Facebook’s algorithm is tuned these days, I hardly see much of my top friends stuff unless I actually take the time to visit their profile.

You can download Facebook for your iPad or use it in a browser tab.

Google+ – Up and coming with great product integration

Google+ is cool and getting cooler. The app is very slick and updated often. I like to share my writing on Google+ on both my profile and Top Trending News page that I recently set up. Even though I use Facebook more, I have been added to twice as many circles on Google+ as I have friends. Growth and improvements to Google+ has been remarkable this year. The other awesome thing about Google+ is authorship. Once you set it up in your other social networks and blogs, your Google+ profile pic will show up next to your listings in Google search. That kind of product integration is awesome and it has been shown that photos next to search results draws eyeballs and clicks.

You can download Google+ for your iPad or use it in a browser tab.

Pinterest – It’s not just for crafting anymore

Pinterest was born of the DIY (Do It Yourself) and crafting crowd. it has now expanded to also include photography, fashion, food, drink, travel and more. I use it to share the images or videos I use in my news articles and blog posts. You should do the same. Ad Pinterest “pinning” to your workflow daily and build out your boards. Pinterest traffic is in the top 10 sources for this blog and top 50 for my Examiner News articles in 2013 so far.

You can download Pinterest for your iPad or use it in a browser tab.

LinkedIn – All business.

LinkedIn is definitely the biggest social network for business professionals. Unlike the other top networks mentioned that seem to be the domain of personal interests, consumers, family affairs, and sometimes business too. LinkedIn seems like a great place for you to post your updated resume and offer your services for hire. It is also a place ripe for recruiting too. The many groups available on LinkedIn seem to be useful and very business oriented.

You can download LinkedIn for your iPad or use it in a browser tab.


Buffer app

Buffer is my secret sauce. I use it to post to many of my social media accounts quickly and easily each day. By adding a browser extension button to your toolbar, you can easily share the page you are currently looking at with many of your social networks. And you have the option to share now, sometime in the future, or schedule a specific time and date. I hooked up my Facebook profile, several Facebook pages I admin, my LinkedIn profile, Twitter accounts, Google+ page and now my account too. You can try it for free, then upgrade to the Awesome plan, which I use, for $10 per month. You get unlimited posts, can connect up to 12 social profiles and have up to 2 team members manage things. There a re also three new Business plans available if you need more.

You can download Buffer for your iPad or use it in a browser tab.

Stay tuned or Part 2!

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