Virtual Reality is the fast becoming the future of entertainment and manufacturers like Google, Apple, Samsung and others have been making tremendous progress in this area for last couple of years. Although, most of the technological benefits of this innovation are out of reach for consumers due to the cost and engineering limitations. However, by utilising your smartphone you can download Android and iOS apps from relevant app stores to get an idea of how VR is going to revolutionise the world. Here’s our list of 2017’s 10 best free VR apps available for iOS and Android devices.

1. Zombie Shooter VR (Android & iOS)

Zombie Shooter VR is an amazing iOS & Android game that does exactly what its name suggests – it helps users kill zombies. It was originally a paid app in its early days. However, the developing team made it free to compete with the fierce competition in the VR ecosystem. There are in-app purchases though should you want to upgrade your experience.

zombie-shooter-vr | Best VR Apps - 2017 List

The best thing about Zombie Shooter VR is its game controls. All you have to do is look at zombies and it triggers the weapon.

Zombie Shooter VR for iOS

Zombie Shooter VR for Android

Price: Free

2. Google Cardboard (Android & iOS)

Google Cardboard is one of the earliest mobile apps for VR technology. It was specifically built to depict the possibilities of VR and it is recommended for people who want to enter the world of VR and see some of the amazing features of this technology.

It is available for free and has tons of videos and in-app features like integration with Google Maps, where you can travel the world via 360 degree videos.

Google Cardboard for iOS

Google Cardboard for Android

Price: Free

3. VR Sniper (Android & iOS)

VR Sniper allows players to feel the thrill of being a sniper and kill enemies via sniper shots triggered by their head movements. The app is available for free on iTunes and the Google Play store. There are in app purchases however to unlock some additional features and levels.

vr-sniper-pro | Best VR Apps - 2017 List

VR Sniper gameplay is pretty simple; easy to learn and hard to master. You, as a sniper would have to kill 10 strategically positioned enemy soldiers by looking at them via your VR gear. New levels mean more soldiers and of course more of a thrill.

VR Sniper for iOS

VR Pro Sniper Free for Android

Price: Free

4. Cardboard Camera (Android & iOS)

Don’t confuse Cardboard Camera with Google Cardboard; these are two different apps developed by Google. As the name suggests, the Cardboard Camera app allows users to take 360 degree pictures via their Android and iOS devices.

google-cardboard-camera-app | Best VR Apps

The app is extremely easy to use and you don’t even have to create a Google account to use it. Simply download and install the app, and you are good to go. It may take you some time to capture perfect pictures, but it’s well worth the effort for the experience afterwards.

Cardboard Camera for iOS

Cardboard Camera for Android

Price: Free

5. Expeditions (Android & iOS)

Expeditions is available under the Education category in Google’s Play Store however it’s more fun than education and people of all age groups can equally enjoy it. It allows users to experience the world’s popular destinations, places and go on expeditions.

expeditions-google-vr-app | Best VR Apps

Currently the app has around 200 expeditions and the developing team is continuously adding more and more locations. Although the Expeditions app works best with Cardboard or VR gear but you can also enjoy it via 360 degree mode.

Expeditions for iOS

Expeditions for Android

Price: Free

6. Google Arts and Culture (Android & iOS)

Google Arts and Culture is quite similar to the Expeditions app mentioned above except it mainly focuses on museum, heritage sites and historical places. The app is fully compatible with Google Cardboard and there are hundreds of different locations available within it.

google-arts-and-culture-vr-app | Best VR Apps

Google Arts and Culture has a relatively small user base compared to other VR apps from Google. However it is considered one of the best VR apps available in the world right now. As an added bonus, the app shows real-time information about different places and items so you can get useful knowledge on the way.

Google Arts & Culture for iOS

Google Arts & Culture for Android

Price: Free

7. Netflix VR (Android)

Netflix VR is the official app from the company that allows users to watch their favourite movies and TV shows in a virtual environment. Although Netflix VR has a lot of potential considering the millions of customers they have; the Netflix VR app needs some improvements and new features.

netflix-vr-app | Best VR Apps

For example, you can’t download contents for offline viewing in Netflix VR, even though the original Netflix app allows this. Also, the app is exclusively available for Daydream Android devices. However, it’s still better than nothing.

Netflix VR for Android

Price: Free

8. Discovery VR (Android & iOS)

Discovery VR is the official app from the Discovery Channel and it’s available for all Android and iOS devices running Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+ respectively. Unfortunately, you cannot watch all of Discovery’s content on this app but it still has a lot of VR content you can enjoy.

discovery-vr-app | Best VR Apps

Discovery VR offers a range of videos in different environments allowing users to explore hard to reach places. As this is an early version of the app, we’re hopeful for some new features and more content in the upcoming versions.

Discovery VR for iOS

Discovery VR for Android

Price: Free

9. GoPro VR (Android & iOS)

GoPro VR is quite similar to the Discovery VR app except it offers even more diversified content. All of the videos available in the GoPro VR app are captured via GoPro cameras so you can expect mind blowing quality.

gopro-vr-app | Best VR Apps

This is the perfect app for people who want to see adventurous videos via Cardboard or VR gear and get the thrill. You can download GoPro VR for free from iTunes and Google Play Store however it’s restricted to some countries. Amazingly, some of the videos available in GoPro VR are even 60 frames per second.

GoPro VR for iOS

GoPro VR for Android

Price: Free

10. YouTube (Android)

YouTube is one of the best online resources to get your hands on 360 degree videos for free. Like other Google apps, YouTube VR is available for free too.


In order to enjoy VR videos on YouTube, you can either get a cost efficient cardboard or go for an expensive Samsung Gear VR. It also allows you to search for videos with your voice, providing a total hands-free experience.

YouTube VR for Android

Price: Free

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