Android is an operating system introduced by Google in 2007, since then it has become the favorite operating system for the users of Smartphones. Popularity of Android Operating system is because it is the easiest software included in the Smartphones, understood by the people in every way. Android’s easy usage has given it a large market share in the Smartphone industry, making it the market leader. This operating system is made easy due to the apps which are available for the downloads in the app store. But there are certain apps, which are rated by the people as the top apps and have made it easier for them to connect to the world. The best apps for using in the android are mentioned below:

Skype is a free audio and video calling application, which connects them with the people who have got the similar app installed on their devices. It is a platform through which long distance calls on mobile phones and landlines are easier and cheaper. It has become the best app to connect with your friends, colleagues and family who are located abroad. Although there are many other applications for making the distant calls, but Skype tops the chart.



Twitter is a social media website making it easier to keep you updated with the news and information regarding your favorite people and personalities. Its app has gained popularity recently because of intriguing interface and engaging design. One can easily post tweets, share the favorite ones and send direct messages to the people. Its active features and alerts make it easier for the people to be active on the social media while on the go.


Facebook, the biggest and most successful social media hub with the billions of users and the most engaging website has undoubtedly got the best app in the world. With the Facebook app, posting your status, sharing your photos, commenting on your friends’ posts and chatting with your friends has been made easier than to use it on the desktop. Facebook is going under constant changes which is making their app, more and more popular and is navigating people towards it rather than using Facebook from the browser.



WhatsApp is the easiest messaging app which has an automatic syncing feature with your phone’s contact list. It is counted as the top messaging app through which users can easily connect through photos, videos and short video and voice messages. It is a free of cost app used by the millions of users daily to interact and communicate with each other.It is recently acquired by the Facebook in just $19 billion.



The photo crazy people had made Instagram the best app used for sharing their day to day photos with the world. With nearly 130 million users, Instagram is the biggest photo sharing app in the Android OS. It does not only allow you to share photos in Instagram but also it allows you to share them on other social media sites.