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As a white label reseller, you’re able to start your own business without having to build a customized solution from scratch. However, while the product you are reselling is ready for takeoff, you need to prepare yourself and your company before you start selling. Whether you are a new Bizness Apps partner or an existing one, these 5 practices will make you a more effective app reseller who makes more money and sells more value to customers.

1. Improve your sales pitch

Never sell your product, always sell a solution to a problem. How do you achieve this? By doing research. Start by putting yourself in your target customer’s shoes and consider what business problems they are trying to solve. Go beyond grand notions like increasing profit and growing the business to specific problems a small business owner experiences on a daily basis. For example, local business owners often have trouble getting in front of potential customers’ eyes, because they are competing with large brands who have a stronger online presence. Create a working document that covers all the problems your product/service can solve so that you always have something to contribute when pitching to a small business.

Besides this market research, you also want to do thorough research on your sales leads. Conduct an online search for a specific sales lead and create a Digital Marketing Assessment (DMA) for them. The DMA can be seen as a scorecard that assesses how well a small business is doing in terms of online presence. Do they have a mobile app? Do they have online ordering? Do they have positive reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook? Do they have a loyalty program? Where do they rank amongst their competition?

This scorecard is your way in. Instead of approaching a small business with a pitch that focuses on how great a mobile app is, you approach them with constructive criticism about their business and demonstrate how you can help with areas where they scored badly. Note: You don’t have to present them with the actual scorecard, it is simply there to guide your conversation – unless you want to provide them with a professional leave-behind.

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Provide the small business owner with real value, establishing yourself as a mobile marketing expert and leaving them with a great first impression. Even if they don’t end up becoming a customer, they’ll have had a positive experience with you and a unique insight into their digital marketing strategies (great to fuel word of mouth!).

2. Establish your reputation

As a new company, the most important thing you’ll have to do is establish your reputation. Ask yourself this: How credible do you appear at first glance? What does your online image project about your business? Do you have positive reviews? Are you investing in your brand’s perception? Just as you created a DMA for your potential client, you will do the same for your own business.

In the book, Bold, written by Diamandis and Kotler, the concept of the “line of credibility” is introduced. The basic premise is that we all have a line of credibility in our mind. When we first hear a new opportunity, we place it either above or below this line. In other words, when a potential customer comes across a company, they will place it below or above this line of credibility. Below the line, the customer will dismiss the company immediately. Above the line, customers are willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt.

Then there’s a line of “super credibility. When a consumer comes across this type of company (or product, or idea) they are blown away and accept it immediately. Needless to say, you want to be a credibility superhero. It is not always going to be possible to have super credibility out of the gate, but there are many ways you can increase your credibility:

  • Get positive reviews
  • Get testimonials from real customers
  • Create white papers and ebooks
  • Create case studies
  • Write (guest) blog posts
  • Maintain your social media profiles
  • Get featured on third-party sites

3. Be consistent with branding

According to Vendasta, “A good white-label provider will ensure that the products and services they deliver match perfectly with your company’s branding to give an overall consistent appearance on the outside.” As a white label mobile app reseller, you will have to incorporate all the white label materials in your own brand in order to deliver a cohesive brand image. If customers find inconsistencies – in colors, company name, or logos – they might question your business’ credibility.

While it is perfectly acceptable to use white label services from third-parties, you need to seamlessly integrate them with your own business. Bizness Apps offers a lot of high-quality white label material for sales and marketing. While it would be easy to simply print them out and start handing them to prospects, it is much better to take a few minutes to adapt them to your own brand colors. These little touches will convey your company’s credibility and professionalism. It will also bring your company exposure and increase brand recognition.

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4. Develop your product knowledge

Train yourself when it comes to the technical side of the product you are selling; you need to know everything it does and doesn’t do. For Bizness Apps resellers, they should be familiar with all the features the builder offers, what type of app design is possible, how it can be implemented in different industries, what integrations are possible etc. When in a meeting with a prospect, you need to be confident about describing the product capabilities and how it compares to others in the market. You don’t want to lose deals because you don’t have enough knowledge about what you are selling.

5. Don’t reinvent the wheel

The best thing about using white label services is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many startups fail because they don’t have a solid business plan, there’s no market need, their core product is bad, they don’t know how to market their product and so on. With a white label program, this has already all been laid out for you. The product has already been proven to perform well, there is an initial marketing strategy laid out, and you get sales training before going out to sell.

As there have been many resellers before you, you can learn from them and discover best practices. For instance, if you want to go after schools as your main target group, there are many other resellers in different localities that have undergone the same process. They will be able to tell you what did and didn’t work for them when approaching schools. The Bizness Apps forum gives you easy access to a large network of resellers all across the globe for all your questions and advice.

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By implementing these tips, you will become a more effective white label app reseller. You will be able to improve your companies reputation, gain more customers, and sell more mobile solutions. And hopefully, in a short while from now, you will be able to give business advice to new resellers who come after you. Happy selling!