Bakfy Android App

Anonymity made Internet popular!

However not every one liked people wearing masks online and pulling threads. So the Internet started talking about being real and a world free from anonymity. While that is tough to happen, the love for being anonymous is back with the success of apps like Secret and Whisper. In fact there have been reports that Facebook is now interested in this growing trend and we saw the network launching anonymous login for apps.

Indian startups are trying to cash in from the trend and so is the app Bakfy but with an interesting twist. The app available right now on Android lets you chat with your college network and share with other college networks on the globe. You can create your own profile or choose to be anonymous after getting authorized with your college email id. Besides the app kills the boring way of adding friends and building a network, it just lets you rant. Need we ask for more?

Exploring Bakfy app

Targeted to the college going youngsters meant that Bakfy wasn’t for an old guy like me. So I logged into the app with a demo account after downloading it from the app store. Launched last month, it has got more than 5000 downloads and doesn’t eat a lot of your space.

The home screen looks like the screen grab below:

Bakfy Android App Home

As you can see the app has no frills and has a feed where the entire action is happening. Scroll through the discussions, the ones you like you can either Like or Comment. You also have the option to report the content or share on other platforms. I tapped on the comment’s section where you can see the list of comments while having the option of adding an anonymous comment.

If you are excited to add your own thoughts then locate the ‘+’ button right at the mid bottom of the screen. The app developers might just want to think of getting this at a place where it could be located easily. Right now it is getting lost amid the visual content. Adding a status or thought allows you to add an image, the option to share anonymously and to share with other colleges too. Bakfy has its parental advice on both the features too.

Bakfy Android App ProfileThe last thing you can check out is the profile of the users if he or she has kept it visible. So on click you can find the college and the respective education stream of the user. There are other stats about the user activities. Bakfy rewards in interesting ways if you perform regular activities on the app such as free talktime. Check here for more on such offers of engaging with the app.

You can get the details of your profile if you tap the settings button of your Android phone. Besides your profile, you also have settings and how to improve BakScore.

Bakfy a cool app for college goers?

The idea of targeting college youngsters while keeping the option of anonymity should excite people. Besides by getting rid of the idea of adding friends or following anyone the app has not tried to be another social network, so it is an app created for an audience that would appreciate it.

The app experience with the demo account has been without glitches and does the job smoothly. May be the important features of the app such as adding content, profile details could be categorized under one menu. The app design could be more intuitive. Design is something that keeps on improving with user feedback and I am sure the Bakfy developers would be doing it in the forthcoming updates.

However, the challenge would be taking it to the college youngsters and if Bakfy can crack it then this could be the app that will hook up youngsters.

So if you are a college youngster and looking for a exciting network then Bakfy is for you. Try it out and let me know how do you like the app, because you are the target audience and your feedback will matter.