What to Avoid When Designing Your Own Mobile App

Now-a-days everyone is coming up with mobile apps to promote their business. Creating a mobile app involves putting in a lot of thoughts regarding design, structure and user experience. Skipping on any of these may prove to be fatal.


Avoid the following pitfalls while designing your mobile app:

1. Migrating from web to mobile without redesigning for the mobile experience
To design a native mobile app, you need to consider the platform that is being used because the user has different expectations from the mobile app than the web.

2. Starting without finalized flowchart
You might be having a clear picture of what your mobile app will be all about, but work shouldn’t begin until you have mapped out a flowchart regarding every step of the process users will go through. Map out the branches for each choice until you go down to the very last screen.

3. Not Thinking About Monetization
Thinking that if you build app you will get paid by ads or another company will acquire the app and pay you or users will pay for your app is not always right. So, it is important to think about how you will monetize from the onset. Do a research on other apps in your category to see how they monetize.

4. Use of Non-standard UI elements
Applying standard UI design patterns makes easy for the users to get to understand and use your app. Use of popular icons that everyone recognizes and placing buttons where users expect them to be is always encouraged.

5. Not Providing Tutorial
Provide your users a tutorial or visual clues on how to use your app, it will hook the user. Giving them clear paths to reach what they want to.

6. Bad Spacing
It can be tempting to try and fit as much as possible onto any given screen, but it’s always better to keep apps clean and simple so that users can easily tap choices easily.

7. Not Using Analytics
Use of analytics helps in making data driven decisions on design, content, and user experience. Analytics help you track your daily active users, time they spend on your app, their navigation path, app crashes, etc.

8. Not Testing the App
Glitches, crashes and functionality issues are very common. So you must test your app thoroughly before you make it live to ensure that no bugs reach the user and ruin their experience.

Avoid these mistakes and you are good to go. Your app will surely be one of the bests for your customers.

This post was originally crafted for the Apptuse Blog