A new iPhone, some new carriers, a new battle that will rage on AT&T has yet another thing to gloat about – besides being able to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. The iPhone 4S uses HSPA+ on the AT&T GSM network at speeds of 14.4Mb/s. On Verizon and Sprint – CDMA networks, the iPhone 4S will only achieve download speeds of the iPhone 4′s top speed; 7.2Mb/s.

The current lineup of Carriers leaves you with three choices – AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. The only GSM option is AT&T because T-Mobile bowed out and chose not to support the iPhone in favor of seeing a future in Android devices. If you’re wanting the best value out of your network, you may want the unlimited data option from Sprint. Just remember to consider that AT&T will be the only network capable of benefiting from the speed boost from the iPhone 4S’s dual antenna system.

Currently, the speed boost advantage of the iPhone 4S on a 3G network is capable of 4G speeds. Many are disappointed that the iPhone 4S doesn’t support 4G, although 4G is a battery sore. I highly suggest this option over 4G simply because you will get comparable speeds and keep the mature battery life of 3G. The only difference is that you will not have a, “4G” icon in the top left of your status bar next to your carrier name. I’m sure they will develop (or have developed) a jailbreak tweak that you can trick yourself into feeling you have 4G, though.

What network are you planning on using if you get the iPhone 4S? Share below!