This smartphone cares for the environment more than you.

This smartphone cares for the environment more than you.

Ironically, this Galaxy cares for the Earth.

Calling the Samsung Galaxy S4 an environmentalist’s dream phone is quite a stretch. Its fingerprint-friendly back cover does not have any trace of a Solar Panel for alternative energy, the battery life is great yet not that stellar and despite the flimsy and plasticky feel of the phone, it is not the same as the Samsung Blue Earth which was created using used plastic bottles. So, what in heaven’s name made it stand out as an environmentalist’s phone?

Let me first state that I was one of the people not overly impressed with the Galaxy S4 when it was launched by Samsung. I thought that it was so overhyped that people’s grandiose expectations were not met. Hey, we were expecting far, far too much. Like flexible displays, a better body and of course the much vaunted octa-cores (in all models). As for my environmentalist streak, I am still waiting for a full-fledged smartphone that features sensors that can measure pollution levels, real-time apps that show the degradation of the environment and the amount of recycled stuff….oh well.

My perception of the Galaxy S4 changed when I learned that the Galaxy S4 is an environment friendly handset.

The Materials Used Are Recycled

Have you noticed the faux wood appearance of the Galaxy S4’s box? That is because the box is made of recycled paper. Furthermore, the manuals inside and all documentation are made with the same type of paper. They are 100% recycled. Additionally, the ink used is soy ink, a more environment friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks.

The retail package is environment-friendly, too.

The retail package is environment-friendly, too.

The Galaxy S4’s environment friendliness was recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a renowned and independent safety testing and certification organization, when it gave Platinum certification, the highest certification that UL can give, to Samsung’s flagship. UL is famous, rather infamous, for its strict sustainability standards. In retrospect, both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 were given certifications by UL last year.

UL further cited that the Galaxy S4’s charger consumes very little power when connected. The production and the “entire life cycle” of the device were cited as reasons for its certification.

Furthermore, TCO Development Foundation, a private organization and certification-giving body that is focused on sustainability in the IT sector, has certified the Samsung Galaxy S4 for being eco-friendly. The Galaxy S4 is the first smartphone to be certified by the TCO.

TCO certifications are only given to electronic products that meet the social, environmental and economic viability requirements set by TCO. Samsung has shown to everyone that the Galaxy S4 is free from hazardous materials and has a power-efficient design and accessories.

Environment-Friendly Software

There are no preinstalled environment-friendly apps that make full use of the Galaxy S4’s massive set of features. However, you can, fortunately, find many of those apps online and most often for free on the Play Store.

The first app is PaperKarma that gets rid of your junk mail. All you have to do is take a picture of your junk mail, tap “Unsubscribe me!” and then PaperKarma does the next thing for you. While it only works for junk mail addressed to you, it is still a great idea for saving paper and eradicating that pesky mail.



Second is JouleBug. This app shows how much energy you spend every day and how much can you save in the form of a fun game. There are also tips and facts about saving energy through the responsible use of appliances. The app claims that your savings each year will be an average of 220%.



Seafood Watch shows sustainable fishing tips and the fishing sites of commercially available fish. Other apps are also available for download on the Play Store. There are also apps that use the Galaxy S4’s many sensors such as the Humidity sensor.

Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch

Small Things From a Big Handset

The Galaxy S4 is a true heavyweight smartphone that can also hold its own when it comes to environment-friendliness tests. I just wish that other manufacturers would emulate Samsung and try to come up with environment-friendly handsets.

Opt for a smartphone that not only has all the bells and whistles, a great value, and future-proof potential but one that is caring as well.

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