In recent years, many retailers have taken the first step in developing their mobile strategies by implementing mobile versions of their websites, making them easily accessible and navigable to consumers on the go. However, many businesses are still missing a very key element: mobile advertising. Here are three trends and recommendations from Google to help develop your mobile strategy and get the most of your retail marketing efforts.

#1 – Mobile is Highly Engaging: The differentiating element between smartphones and regular mobile phones is the engagement capability. Smartphones allow consumers to interact with the world through mobile apps and fast Internet access. Create ads that resonate with this fast-paced, short attention span audience by allowing them to tap, swipe, upload and contribute.

Recommendation: Through integrated marketing strategies, you not only improve your retail mobile advertising, but also your existing marketing campaigns through other channels. Find innovative ways to tie your mobile strategy in with your social strategy, print strategy, etc.

#2 – Local Search Drives Business: Just like Google, we are strong believers in local search. But we’ll let the numbers do the talking. According to the Google & OTX Study Q4 2010, locating the nearest retailer is the most popular mobile shopping activity: of those who find local info, “88% take action within a day; of this number, 61% call a retailer and 59% visit a store.”

Recommendation: It’s clear consumers are searching – make your business easily discoverable by incorporating store locations into your display ads.

#3 – Consumers are Looking for Deals: Why do 70% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping? To compare prices. In fact, searches related to deals increased 250% over the previous year.

Recommendation: By including time-sensitive offers and mobile coupons in your local search ads, you can drive foot traffic to your store and also show consumers what they’re looking for while comparison shopping. Track return on ad spend by incorporating custom mobile codes.

As mobile technology continues to become a bigger part of our daily lives, it’s crucial to optimize and rethink your integrated retail marketing strategy to capture valuable business opportunities through local search.

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