With Halloween around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look at the fear of mobile security through the eyes of our seasonal monsters. We know that CIOs and IT managers are altering their corporate mobility strategies due to the prevalence of consumer smartphones and tablets, maturing enterprise-class mobile applications, the wave of ultrabooks and tablets, and empowered workers who are demanding flexible and mobile work styles. And we also know that enterprise mobility comes with a host of opportunities for transformative investments, but also a litany of support and provisioning challenges and a host of security and cost concerns for IT to overcome. Here are six threats that plague your mobile ecosystem:

  • Need to empower your workforces with device independence.
  • Need to build a corporate BYOD strategy without losing control of management,security, and costs.
  • A plethora of hardware platforms, operating systems, and applications.
  • A mix of corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.
  • A muddled application development reality.
  • An inability to effectively and proactively manage costs.

Check out the embedded infographic to see what challenges (Monsters) keep you and your CIO up at night?

Also, you can read the full Forrester report.

This article originally appeard on SAP SCN and was republished with permission.

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