Behold, my latest list of apps to use with Instagram for February 2013. I hope you enjoy my choices this month. Check out Flipagram, Pixlromatic, Pictacular, InstaRepost, and TagsForLikes. This is part 3 in my ongoing monthly series where I bring you the top Instagram apps from this month.

Apps to use with Instagram

Top 5 Instagram Apps

1. Flipagram (iOS) Free

What a great way to make a video from your Instagram photos. Start by logging in with your Instagram account. Next pick the images to use in your video. Sort them out into some kind of order. Refine your vie with a title, speed, optional audio, and other title settings. Click Finish and your video is now ready to share! Now you can email, save to your iPhone camera roll, share on Facebook, or even YouTube.

Flipagram (Free)

2. Pixlromatic (web app, Facebook app, iOS, or Android) Free

Pixlromatic is a fast, fun way to get a bunch of cool effects on your images. Chose a photo. Add 3 types of effects: Film stock, overlays, and borders. Pick a film stock. Layer an effect. Add a cool border. Even go random if you cannot decide. Crop for Instagram now or later. If you want more effects you can buy them for .99 per pack as an in-app purchase.

Pixlromatic (Free)

3. Pictacular (used to be Pinstagram) (web app and iOS for iPad) Free

Pictacular the app formerly known as Pinstagram is better than before. It simply re-skins Instagram with a very Pinterest-ing interface. Cool stuff and a nice user experience too. Check it out.

Pictacular (Free)

4. InstaRepost (iOS and Android)

Remember Repost app from last month? Here is another alternative for you to try out, InstaRepost (no relation). Choose photos from your own stream or others organized by category. Easy to use, but not as slick or fully featured as Repost though. But hey, it’s free so give it a try!

InstaRepost (Free)

5. TagsForLikes (iOS) Free

Too busy to manually type in all of the top Instagram tags for each of your photo uploads? Grab a copy of TagsForLikes then. 1st, 2nd, 3rd most popular tags in groups of 30 cover most of the Top 100 hashtags. Click once to choose and copy. Past into the caption or comments section of your Instagram uploads. Need more horsepower? Then try TagsForLikes Pro for .99, it is ad free and allows 15 custom category slots too.

TagsForLikes (Free)

That does it for this month. Come back in March for even more apps to use with Instagram.