The world seems to be getting obsessed with the number one Brand of the world. The latest WWDC keynote, Apple’s release of iPhone 8, 8+ and its announcement of Apple X has taken the web with a storm. Almost every major news channel is covering the new features of the iPhone and iOS 11. Numerous websites are flooded with the blogs and vlogs about the cool new iPhone features, iPad updates and new features of iOS 11.

Even the company’s CEO Tim Cook was so confident about the update that he didn’t sweat a bit before taking a dig at Apple’s immediate competitor Android at the WWDC Keynote. He compared the acceptance of updates made of Apple’s iOS 10 rollout which is 83% with Android’s Oreo update which is just 7%. Well, it seems that karma has its effect even on the biggest brand of the globe. According to a recent study from Wandera, only 2.98% of total Apple Devices are operating currently in iOS 11 since its release.

While it is too early to comment on this as Apple is trying its best to push the update, there are certain problems that are spotted in the latest update by the current set of users. On one end, where multiple platforms are flooding the web with plethora of praises, on the other end, users are using the social media platforms to highlight following problems as well as the bugs that they have spotted in the iOS 11 update:

1. The Crash and Smash of Apps:

The problem of apps crashing right after the users update their older models to iOS 11 from iOS 10.3.3 is at large, every hour, Twitter is flooded with thousands of tweet from users across the globe regarding their apps crashing after the update (check for yourself!). Even the users say that their phones get frozen while opening any app.

The interesting part here is, the problems are only observed in the older models of iPhones. There are no such problems found in iPhone 8 and 8+. So, just wondering if this a strategy of Apple to make the current iPhone users buy their latest iPhone! (Pun Intended)

2. The Bitter Battery Drainage Issue:

The iPhone users are always trolled because of iPhone’s poor battery performance and iOS 11 just made the situation far more-worse. It is like the battery has turned into Usain Bolt and it’s always racing towards the empty. According to the recent blog published by Forbes, the battery of Apple’s devices with iOS 11 drains the battery 60% faster than that of the devices with iOS 10.

The average iPhones running on iOS 10 can be used for 240 minutes before the battery dies. While the iPhones running iOS 11 last only for 96 minutes on average. Again, this problem is prevailing on in the older models of iPhones and there are no battery problems registered from the iPhone 8 and 8+ users!


3. You can’t push away the Push Notifications:

There is a weird bug noticed in the devices after the iOS 11 update. The push notifications displayed on the lock screen cannot be cleared in bulk sometimes! The devices sometimes fail to show the cross button to clear the notifications. Thus, you either must clear each notification manually, or wait till your iPhone gives you the liberty to clear the notifications with the cross button.

Well, there is no such evidence found about whether this problem is existent in the latest iPhone models or not. So, dear 8 or 8+ users, please help us with this and comment your status in the comment section.

While there are not any major errors or bug in the system, but it is an alarming situation for appreneurs who are planning heavy applications based on tech like VR and AR. The errors currently found are found only with the standard applications that were used in the iOS 10 and there is no clear idea as to how the older and new iPhone devices will respond to the applications built in alignment with the latest updates of iOS 11.

Thus, while the iOS 11 update is believed to be focused on User Engagement and Security, such problems and setbacks will raise a certain amount of caution in mind of the developers planning to design the Apps of the Future!