We all know iOS 7 is coming, but the hardware coming with it is still a bit of a mystery. From a budget-priced iPhone 5 to fingerprint scanners, there’s a whole lot of speculation as to what Tim Cook and team will unveil.

After showing off the polarizing iOS 7 last June, Apple has invited a handful of media outlets to a special fall event. Given Apple’s predictable cycles, dedicated Cupertino watchers know this means big changes are coming to the company’s hardware lineup. But what kind of changes?

New price points

Reputable sources point toward a budget-priced phone, dubbed the iPhone 5C. Given Apple’s recent strategy of cutting prices on older items in their mobile hardware stable, a more affordable option makes sense, especially when you consider the abundance of budget-priced Android phones on the market. Of all the rumors swirling around Apple this time of year, the emergence of a cheaper iPhone 5 seems to be the most credible, but it’s not the only new phone we could see.

While most Apple fanatics share theories on the 5C, others are chattering about a more expensive iPhone 5S. If the leaked pictures and renderings are true, the 5S is going to be a lot like the 5. Aside from some updated circuitry and an optional golden sheen, there seems to be few differences between the 5S and its predecessor. That’s unless Scott Dickson, a tech-savvy Australian teen, is right about the innovative security measure he broke on his blog.

Biometric security measures

The Motorola Atrix’s fingerprint scanner didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but that doesn’t mean an Apple-branded version of the same idea won’t. The concept has caught on in the healthcare industry and could show up in mobile hardware as early as this year.

Here’s what we know so far: LG, who’s recently made waves with several above-average Android devices, is convinced fingerprint scanning will be the next big thing. Several online tech journals say this is because Apple plans on incorporating biometric security, and LG very much wants to beat Apple to the punch. But are they too late?

We’ll know for sure at 10 a.m PST.