Apple Pay Details Leaked

Apple are instructing its employees on how Apple Pay works as it prepares for launch. Documents were uncovered by 9to5Mac over the weekend and we thought we would give you the details ourselves.

There are many mobile payment services that have been around for almost 2 years now and Apple are now releasing their first attempt with Apple Pay. With Apple’s new iPhone 6, that is equipped with NFC ( near-field communications ), you will be able to store your credit or debit card information in your phone, then you will be able to purchase items with your phone at any store which supports the technology. According to Apple, Apple Pay is currently supported by more than 220,000 retailers.

9to5Mac revealed that the employee document described how users will set up Apple Pay through the Passbook app either via a new Settings section called Passbook & Apple Pay or during the initial setup of iOS 8. You will be able to input your credit or debit card details to Passbook through your iTunes account or you can conveniently scan the information from your card by using your iPhone 6 camera. You will be able to store the details of up to eight different credit or debit cards onto your device.

Apple’s new payment solution will be able to track purchases and other information. It will give you the opportunity to display a list of recent transactions, view your credit card number, unique device account number and contact your bank directly, as stated by 9to5Mac. This service will also offer a notification service that will be supplied by an accompanying app that will be available to download from the App Store. This service will come in handy if your credit card is about to expire or you are reaching your credit limit.

You may ask yourself about the security provided by Apple Pay referencing to recent Apple blunders with their security, but the receipts for your items you buy using Apple Pay will not show your contact details or your card numbers, they will only show the last 4 digits of your iPhone’s Apple Pay ID. The Apple Pay ID is a number that is unique to your device that is only assigned to your device, encrypted and securely stored in a dedicated chip on your iPhone.

Apple store employees are also going to be taking an Apple Pay training course soon, which is further indication that the new payment system is very close to launch.

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