Evidently I’m not the only one who was disappointed by the iPhone 5. Last year, I gave my view on why this faithful Mac user wasn’t buying the iPhone 5 then or in the foreseeable future. This week, the company said it shipped 47.8 million iPhone’s, a quarterly record for Apple that nonetheless disappointed many analysts accustomed to years of dominance in the smartphone industry. Wall Street was predicting more. No, it wanted gobs, and gobs more. I’d say how much more but each time I go to write this article it drops again. Now, Apple is no longer the most valuable company in the world. My problem with the iPhone was that customization was almost non-existent. That’s something Microsoft customers have readily accepted over the years, but for us Mac loyalists, that kind of stuff just won’t fly. But it was so darn cool and well made that Apple could do just that as the iPhone was clearly the best cell phone on the market. But then something happened: The Galaxy series by Samsung.

As the world outside of the U.S. waited and waited for the iPhone to be delivered overseas, the Korean manufacturer of flat screen televisions gave Apple a run for its money. Now, the Galaxy SIII has surpassed the iPhone as the world’s most popular phone. As of yesterday, you can add yours truly to that growing list.

Needless to say the Galaxy SIII is the best cell phone I’ve ever owned and not surprisingly can be completely customized with icons, fonts, widgets, colors, sizes. I feel giddy and vindicated, yet nonetheless concerned about Apple. (I mean even Microsoft gave customization an effort with Windows 8. ) Apple’s never been short on innovation and I won’t believe that the Jobs-less company can’t continue to “Think Different” without him. It’s time they start getting back to being Apple and stop sitting on its laurels.