App Promotion

FirmBee / Pixabay

How many apps have you downloaded on your phone? Do you know there are over 2 million apps within the app store?

Eager to get one of your personal creations in front of potential customers, but not confident about your marketing skills?

You’re in the right place. Keep reading below for a guide on how to market an app. You won’t want to miss this!

1. Do Your Research

Specifically, market research to understand what your target customers want. If you skip this step, your app will likely fail, no matter how great your marketing is.

The goal is to create something that is informative or that solves a problem for a customer. Don’t get lazy though. If it solves an issue that another app already has covered, you will struggle to get traction.

Having this information is important early in the app development stage so changes can be more easily made.

2. Get Help From Influencers

Harnessing social media can make an incredible impact on your app marketing. One of the best ways to get your product in front of people is to pair up with an influencer.

These people have large followings who trust the products they suggest. Don’t just pitch your app to any influencer though. Do some research to figure out who would make the most sense with your brand identity.

3. Do a Demo Video

Potential users of your app will want to know quickly how it could benefit them. One of the best ways to catch their attention and inform them is through a video showcasing your app.

It doesn’t have to belong. Keep it under a minute, but include why people should download the app, how it works, and what it could do for them. Appeal to people’s emotions for an extra pull.

Promote the video on every social media channel you have and be sure to include it in any emails you send out!

4. Ask for Reviews

People check reviews before making final decisions. If you have a few users testing out your app that is happy with it, don’t be shy about asking them to post a review.

A few positive reviews could be the deciding factor for someone.

Another tactic to take is to pitch tech blogs for reviews. This can be difficult, as bigger blogs get a lot of pitches. Don’t give up if you don’t hear anything right away. There are a ton of blog options out there.

5. Let Your App Do the Talking

With these ideas in mind, you’ve got a solid baseline of how to market an app successfully to capture your corner of the market!

Which elements of app marketing do you already have covered? Have you considered market research, influencer marketing, or leveraging customer reviews? Talk with your team about creating a plan before you got to market.

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