Are Your App Permissions Creating a Security Hole!?

A modern-day fairy tale…

Once upon a time, on a remote island called Anguilla, a successful solopreneur noticed that she was following two Twitter accounts that she didn’t know.

She had no clue how they’d suddenly appeared. And they were weird-looking accounts. 184,000 followed each of them. They followed no one, and neither had ever made a post.

She deleted them from her Twitter “Following” list and slept like a princess.

But next morning, the accounts were magically back. No matter how often she deleted them, they returned within hours! Weirdest of all, a second account that she managed was following the same two accounts!

Im Watching you

Now she was seriously puzzled! What kind of modern black magic was this? Had they hacked her phone, maybe her Instagram account? She passed a fitful night’s sleep…

Turns out that the mystery had a simple-but-important explanation. Read on for the “who-dun-it” and the solution.

Who Gave Whom the Keys? Surprise!

You’ve given permission to a ton of third-party apps to access your social media accounts over the years.

How many of them do you still use? How many do you even remember? The odds of any one of them abusing permissions are slim. Risk adds up, though.

Nori, our worried-but-determined solopreneur, wondered if she’d given permission to the wrong people. She revoked permissions to every app that she did not recognize.

Bingo! Those $#^%@& accounts stopped showing up in her “Following” list!

Lesson learned. And no damage was done. They could have deleted all of her posts! Or posted obscenities in her name.

All with her “permission.”

So How Do You Revoke App Permissions?

You could do it manually. Each social media account has a similar “revoke process,” but there are differences. If you like to do things by hand, “Google” the step-by-step with this search…

revoke instagram permissions

Replace “instagram” with “facebook,” “twitter,” etc. You’ll find up-to-date, step-by-step instructions.

We have a much simpler “how-to” for you, though…

Use MyPermissions

MyPermissions is dead-simple. No login. No need to give them your private data. “All” it does is save you time by linking you to the “Revoke Permissions” page for each major social media platform…

App Permissions

Clicking on each button takes you straight to the permission section for the app. Click on the Facebook icon, for example, and you’ll see something like this…

App Settings

Is there an app that you don’t recognize or trust? Click to revoke. Hasta la vista!

MyPermissions also has an app version (again, no need to give them your private info):

Bottom Line Takeaway?

You likely give many third parties a ton of leeway with your social media accounts. Most apps reach an end, but permissions linger on.

It just takes one bad character to ruin years of hard work. So clean app permissions often. Do it manually. Or use MyPermissions to do a major personal security upgrade in 3 minutes flat!
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