Last night, I had a close-up view of a live concert. – even though our seats were toward the back of the venue – thanks to technology.

At the start of the concert, Idan Raichel (of the Idan Raichel Project) invited audience members with iPhones to download the free app Plug’d. He said it would give us a whole new way of experiencing a concert.

Just as viewers of the Super Bowl relied on their “second screen” to make the event more interactive and personal, I was more than a concert-goer. I was a participant.

With Plug’d, you can view a live feed, complete with information like singer/musician bios and song lyrics. The latter proved quite helpful, since most songs were in Hebrew. You also can upload photos that you take via the app, and post comments on the live feed. And you can view a list of others using the app.

Idan himself took photos of band members from his vantage point on stage and posted them. In the ultimate role reversal, he also took photos of the audience and posted them, too. He also posted comments, like “Nice pic, Darcy!” (Well, I doubt he’d say, “Lousy pic, Darcy!”)

The perfect ending to the virtual portion of the event was when my fiancé opened a lighter app on his smartphone. No fire hazards or security risks allowed in the concert hall? No problem. Simply wave your virtual lighter over your head.

And if you’re wondering whether the group will play just one more song for the crowd, just check the live feed. When I saw “Good night, Philadelphia” posted by the host, I knew the house lights would come on at the end of the number.

My thoughts on the whole Plug’d experience? While I’ll admit it was distracting at times, it definitely was something to text home about.