The excitement continues to mount going into this Sunday’s matchup between the Broncos and Seahawks. And we all know that Super Bowl XLVIII will no doubt be a widely-viewed event. But as spectators make predictions about the big game, researchers are predicting a major app explosion during the live event. Millions of folks will be making social connections on their smartphones and tablets. And apps like Twitter and Candy Crush will score big as users cuddle with their smart devices on game day.

Time for a huddle

According to SOASTA, 41 percent of smart device owners plan on using mobile apps while watching this year’s Super Bowl. Of these, 27 percent said they would use social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, followed by games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush (18 percent) (we don’t really get that either), and weather (16 percent) apps. Of 53 percent of mobile device users, 31 percent said that using social media apps and websites would be the most critical use of a smartphone or tablet, then following the game (22 percent), and tracking game and player statistics (17 percent).

Imagine a content strategy that leverages the mobile interactions of the millions of Super Bowl watchers – those we know will be communicating profusely on Facebook and Twitter. The secret play: don’t focus on expensive TV ads, but direct your content attention to social media engagement happening on mobile devices across America. Even the brilliant Oreo Super Bowl blackout Ad during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII could not have been possible without the perfect execution of social media engagement.

How gaming apps fit into the equation remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: folks are interacting heavily through app connections with Facebook and Twitter. Mobile Apps like Madden NFL add an entirely new layer to social media interaction – one that has yet to be fully explored in the world of content marketing. It’s a virtual world that could soon be home to custom real-time content.

What’s also interesting is that of mobile device owners, men aged 18-34 (15 percent) and women aged 55-64 (6 percent) are more likely to use dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid. So, there’s a lot a lovin’ going on… But regardless of who wins on Sunday, mobile apps will continue to provide a steady content channel long after the ceremonial Gatorade shower. So, before millions of users kick off their favorite apps on game day, it might be a good time to gather up your marketing team for a content huddle.