Smartphones and mobile applications have made it possible for us to do a thousand things at one time. There have been many predictions about the death of the app, and reasons suggesting that mobile apps are just a passing fad. But the presence of 750,000 apps in Google Play and the iTunes Store guarantee that apps will continue to thrive, at least for the next few years.

Mobile developers and designers work hard to create apps that provide a good user experience and add something positive to the life of the users. But for every one decent app on app stores, there are two rogue apps that offer a service only to get something out of the users. There are some common things that bad apps do to make users go mad. Let’s take a look at seven such annoying app misbehaviors:

Annoying App Behaviour

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Long Registration Process

Typing on most smartphones is not fun. While it is understandable that apps will need a few details to help you register and login, a laborious registration process is a huge turn off. The decision to download a particular app is the result of an impulse – there are five others just like it on the app store. If the login process takes too long or requires a lot of details, the smartphone user gets quite irritated.

Email Bombardment

A report by McKinsey shows that we spend 25%-30% of our time at work dealing with emails! Emails from apps about random and useless events in the lives of random people you have added to your network disturb you throughout the day. And as most of us cannot feel comfortable with an unread email in our inbox, it has to be checked! Apps with default settings that are geared to send emails about every little event are a curse.

Apps Pestering for Ratings

Positive ratings on app stores can help an mobile application find more users. So, the app developers want you to rate their apps. Some simply request once that you rate the app, while other pester you again and again to rate their app – and still others continue to pester even after you have rated the app! Enraged users ‘rate’ such apps by deleting them.

Huge Pop-Up and Video Ads

You pick your phone up, turn it on, enter a security code, swipe the screen and find an app, maybe sign in – and then a huge advertisement pops up in your face. You try to close it by tapping on the tiny ‘close’ button, but end up clicking on the advertisement. Frustrating seconds go by and only then you get to the app. Video ads that fire up while you are doing something important with an app are even more annoying.

Pushy Push Notifications

As the name suggests, push notifications push their way through all that’s going on the screen and force the smartphone owner to take notice. When used contextually, these notifications can be a boon. For instance, apps that send reminders or display offers when you enter a particular locality have a reasons to be pushy. But if Twitter and Facebook notifications push their way through every time someone uploads a photo, one ends up spending the whole day being pushed around!

Apps that Compromise Security

There are lots of ways in which hackers can hack smartphones. An app, no matter how useful or fun it is, is not welcome in one’s smartphone unless it is totally secure. A smartphone has too much personal data and no one wants to compromise it. When mobile app developers launch apps that are not foolproof, the privacy and information of the users is in trouble. Apps that mess up and let hackers exploit security loopholes are hated universally.

Apps that Work Great, And Then Fade Away

There are some apps – not many, but a handful – that work perfectly and add value to the life of the user. Out of the hundred apps on my phone, there would be seven or eight apps that I use frequently and like a lot. Such apps feel like a close companion. And then one of them will grow old and die because the developers choose not to add any upgrades or fix any problems that crop up with time. The worst app is a fantastic app that mobile app development firms abandon for no rhyme or reason.

To Wrap it Up

These are some of my pet peeves about annoying things that mobile apps do. I am sure that there are many other ways in which certain mobile apps manage to enrage smartphone users. Please comment and tell us about mobile app behaviors that make you see red!