Did you know that more than 50 billion apps and games have been downloaded the last year alone? And we aren’t talking about iOS or Windows but Android alone. The popularity of Android, the OS that’s commonly found in most budget smartphone these days have us asking – how do developers really make their game or app stand out?

android developer

Consider this, while the number of downloads is indeed a phenomenal number not even 50% of app developers recover their making costs. And all this while there are more than 1 billion Android users worldwide. This does bring into question different factors like what exactly do Android app developers need to know when launching an app in the app store.

From the horse’s mouth

Google on its part, recently came out with a book called “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play.”, highlighting the best practices and tools that developers can use. The book brings into use the different tools and strategies developers can use when it comes to maximizing retention of the app and app downloads. It helps readers and developers to know how to maximize revenue of the app and is easily available for download – both as a PDF and in the Google Play Store.

Currently, the book is available only in English but Google does plan out to bring it out in other languages soon as well. If you’re in the US or Uk, you could even get your hands on the book for free, as Google is looking to send out some printed copies for free.

What’s with the Guide?

Most developers, even the experienced ones, fumble at times with the changing scenario. Keeping updated with the latest trends is a must and this is where the guide scores, telling developers:

  • How to publish on Google Play including the how-to’s of using Google Play Developer to distribute your app.
  • How should you focus on quality and what do you need to build an app that adheres to Google’s guidelines and policies?

  • App SEO or app reach maximization including how to increase the discoverability of your app.

  • The usual tips on how to increase retention rate and avoid uninstalls of your apps. Active users are the keys and while most of the information can be found online, there is nothing like it to hear it from Google itself.

Where the guide scores is its innovative use of monetization strategies including telling you what type of app will work and what would not. It does sound a sort of waste if you build an app without looking into Google’s policies, while thought provoking apps can generate interest more quickly, you do need Google to accept them first. Finally, the app helps you do the usual, including measuring your success with Google analytics, including launching worldwide, gaining more conversions and understanding the users’ app experience.