Unless you’ve been out of town or out of the solar system, you are more than well aware that we, as a society, are now collectively and forever more attached to and in some cases addicted to our mobile phones, particularly those of the smartphone variety.

And according to Marketing Land, “mobile advertising will come in somewhere around $2.5 to $3.0 billion in the US in 2012.” But according to former Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker, the opportunity is there for “roughly $20 billion.” Perhaps Ms. Meeker is being overly optimistic but the fact remains mobile advertising is growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

However, while the market is catapulting forward, American Express believes the content and quality of ads simply is not keeping pace.

So they are partnering with Zumobi who, as per their website “power the very best mobile apps and advertising experiences through an array of advanced platforms for media companies.” Their goal is to shakeup the mobile ad norm with their mobile campaign which is part of their overall Membership Effect Campaign that launched earlier this year.

The campaign, which is being officially launched today, will create rich experiences for smartphone users personalized to their interests and spending habits plus combine video, user generated content, and social media on smartphones. The campaign will also create a tailored timeline of images customized to each user.  Based on responses to a set of interactive prompts in the experience, users can also create a personalized panorama that is tailored to their interests in shopping, dining, electronics or travel.

Louis Paskalis, Vice President of Global Media, Content Development and Mobile Marketing, American Express: “We are thrilled to be tapping into Zumobi’s incredible creativity and expertise in developing innovative mobile ads that make full use of smartphones’ native capabilities across their Brand Integration (ZBi) ad platform.  They are enabling us to truly bring The Membership Effect campaign to life by creating a highly interactive and personalized brand experience for Cardmembers.”

For his part, Zumobi CEO Ken Willner says it’s all about establishing relationships “this campaign is really about creating personalized and meaningful connections between American Express and its card member.”

The TV ads, which have already been running as part of a soft launch, feature funnyman Aziz Ansari, AKA Tom Haverford of NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Social And Savings

There is also an aspect to the mobile campaign which provides American Express cardholders with exclusive savings at select restaurants and retailers when they sync their cards with their Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare accounts.

Source: Forbes

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