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Back in July of last year Amazon made the announcement that Kindle books were outselling hardcover books. The Kindle books have made another leap on the online bookstore and are now outselling paperback books.

This is no surprise to me. I love reading however I live in a tiny apartment that can not fit one more trinket or un-useful item. If I were to buy a book right now, after I finish it I would turn around and try to re-sell it. I probably would end up giving it away or maybe host a book-burning party. Not for politically reasons mind you nor to make a statement but rather for warmth to get through this winter and so I do not have to find space for one more thing.

I do not own a Kindle but instead downloaded the Kindle App onto my iPhone. The app was free and is available for the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry and Android Phones. Although the screen on my iPhone isn’t as large as a Kindle screen is, I use it fairly often. It is nice to not have 2 or 3 more devices lying around as well as books I have already read.

I also tend to hibernate in the winter and am perfectly content staying indoors if the temperature is below 55 degrees. I can browse for books online and download them immediately and often for less money than what a book store sells them for, all the while staying warm and snuggly on my couch in my sweats.

I will only purchase a hard-cover book for two reasons.

  1. Aesthetic purposes. A nice coffee table book never really goes out of style and is a nice ice breaker for when company arrives.
  2.  Reading to my children. Reading GoodNight Moon on my iPhone doesn’t seem to have the same feeling as turning the pages and looking at the pictures with my 7 month old. (Not to mention everything goes in her mouth including iPhones, so large print books are perfect for her).

I cannot think of any reason why I would buy a paperback book.  So from a personal perspective Kindle books have already replaced the hardback and paperbacks in my life and are starting to do the same in the lives of my family and friends. I purchased the Kindle for my mother and have told my iPhone/iTouch friends about the free Kindle App.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) said in a prepared statement “This milestone has come even sooner than we expected — and it’s on top of continued growth in paperback sales,”

Per Amazon, for every 100 paperbacks sold, Amazon sells 115 Kindle Books.

I personally believe the trend will continue as long as it continues to snow and as long as people continue to travel and are being charged an arm and a leg for baggage fees.

Note: I have never really hosted a book-burning party. I really just don’t like a cluttered living space.