Mobile App

Devices serving a single purpose have turned obsolete but similar applications are still rocking the charts, owing to the seamlessness and their utilitarian nature. These apps are immensely popular as they aren’t gimmicky and pack in quite a lot in terms of resourcefulness.

Amid these plethoric choices, Alt-C happens to be a simple app which is much more than what meets the eye. With this option in picture, users can now copy links and texts between the handset and the PC. While we do have some Android applications which can be installed on the PCs using Bluestacks and other emulators, this one requires no special permission and has to be separately installed on the consoles for successfully initiating the purpose of copying.

This application happens to work seamlessly across the Android handset and the Windows empowered PC while resembling Push Bullet to certain extent, sans the frills and an automated mechanism. Be it a business venture or several marketing needs, copying texts is a pertinent need which does attract a lot of attention. Now copy data while on the go with this application, which deserves a lot of attention!

For the starters, one needs to run the PC compatible applications and install the same over the phone as well. A code is displayed which needs to be used for syncing the devices. The best part however is that creating an account isn’t compulsory and one can go about the business with ease.

Firstly if the user is looking to copy text from the desktop, highlighting the portion and pressing alt+C—hotkey combo would suffice. The text then automatically appears on the phone; miraculous isn’t it.

Vice versa, text from the handset has to be copied in a similar manner and alt+v needs to be pressed, copying the selected portion to the concerned desktop.

There happens to be a separate list of Synced snippets which allows one to retrieve the info, when needed. Maximum of 50 entries can be stored which does make our job extremely simple. Tracking the copied data now turns extremely easy as well.

If the PC isn’t at a close proximity, then we do encounter a glitch. This would be the inefficacy of the application in sending more than one bit of text to the other end. Bigger portions might not be as easy to send across as the Alt-C pushes ahead only the last copied stuff.

Alt-C is nothing more than a simple app which just copies and pastes but can be the handiest of tools if the user is looking for something basic yet innovative. It serves one purpose only i.e. copying texts and links between the consoles in scope.