Bringing product discovery and commerce to mobile screens has been an area that quite a few Indian startups are trying to crack. allMemoirs is a startup that has been in the same space since early last year. According to Mrigank Shekhar, Co-Founder at allMemoirs, the startup is trying to make product discovery easy, and available at one single place, with handpicked products from various site. He also added that the app provides a personalized experience; registered users can select only the things that interest them, cutting out the clutter. For this I decided to give the Android app a try.

Listing and product discovery

Once the app was downloaded from the Play store, it was ready for checking out the features without the normal logging formality.

As you can see the app has sections like Trends, Stores, Find and My. Trends is a collection of consumer items listed for Men, Women, Home and Kids. The app also lists items that have deals going on. Stores list products but they are categorized on the basis of different stores. For example you can browse products listed in categories such as High End Stores, Women’s Stores, and Men’s Stores to name a few. Similarly, the Find section provides you a search feature to look for a product, brand and shop. One can also go to a particular brand and look for the listed item. The below screen grab shows you the different sections present in the app.

allMemoirs android app

Product purchase or adding to wishlist

Product purchase is a breeze though for the final purchase, the app diverts you to the original merchant’s shop. Off late, I have been a fan of the cool products from Chumbak, so did a search in the Find section and the app listed all the products from the store. Clicked on the ‘Elephant Photo Frame’ which is priced at Rs. 395.

Once you land on the product page, one can like, wish, share on social networks and add it to a gift list apart from buying the product. As stated earlier, once you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, you are taken to the seller’s main website bidding good bye to the app. The below screen grab shows how the purchase of a product works in the app.

allmemoirs product buy

Is allMemoirs making product discovery and commerce easy?

Listing of products in the app is decent. Sections like Find, Trends and Stores make the product discovery quite easy. However product purchase experience isn’t that exciting. Would love if the payment cycle is taken care within the app rather than being diverted to the seller website. Diverting to a seller website not only takes you out of the app but as most of the sellers lack mobile responsive sites, the purchase experience is extremely compromised.

The app has some glitches too. While browsing products if you click the back screen the app takes you to your personal profile page – Me rather than the store that you were browsing. Besides when you click on the section ‘Stores’ and select Popular Stores, the app lists products from different stores. When you click on any product to find more info, the app instead pulls up the entire listing of products showcased by the store. Shouldn’t the app provide the details of the product rather than showing the entire listing of the store?

allMemoirs, right now is a great app to browse through products sorted under different categories. The app can be better and spike downloads if it can complete the buying cycle, add a layer of social product recommendations and get rid of the present glitches.