advertising technology It would be impossible to imagine the current advertising market without its mobile segment. Similarly, it would be impossible to run mobile ad campaigns, if it were not for the specifically designed technological solutions.

Undoubtedly, it is the technology, which fuels the development and improvement of the global mobile ad industry and allows increasing campaigns’ efficiency to a considerable extent. It is much due to the continuous introduction of more complex and sophisticated ad software on the international market, that various mobile campaigns become more interactive, engaging and profitable for businesses in different niches.

Similar to 2013, technologies will power mobile advertising next year as well, and the most advantageous of them, as the analysts agree, include the following:

Location-based ad solutions

Soon after the introduction of iBeacon, which has already become a true hit worldwide, there will be developed more ad-tech solutions in 2014, also aimed at bringing precise audience location data and advertising together to maximize companies’ profits.

As for iBeacon’s popularity, it is not likely to decrease next year by any means, no matter how many “tech rivals” it will have to overtake.

Ad measurement methods

The role of precise mobile ad efficiency measurement, which has been quite the serious challenge until now, will only grow in 2014.
Therefore, world’s marketers and advertisers will keep this aspect in the focus and invest more in the creation of more innovative techniques, enabling to evaluate and measure mobile ad effectiveness.

Obviously, the new solutions should comprise content quality, context and demand generation rates, in the first place.

Mobile ad analysis & predictive modeling

No measurement will ever be helpful for businesses, unless they make the proper conclusions and implement necessary upgrades, based on the received results, Mr. Ruin, CEO of Epom ad serving company, admits. Mobile ad analysis is likely to remain as crucial in 2014 as it is now, and the applied tactics will definitely get more complex.

One of the promising methods, applied to improve companies’ mobile campaign performance next year, is predictive modeling. It presupposes using the ad analysis results to run more cost-effective campaigns, increase audience reach and maximize the accumulated profits.