DDOT’s tree tag w/QR code D.C. residents have the chance to help out the environment and embrace mobile technology thanks to the District Department of Transportation. DDOT has planted over 3,900 trees in D.C. that each feature a QR code.

Locals can scan the QR codes to adopt a tree and become part of the city’s Canopy Keepers program. DDOT waters the trees periodically but they rely on the public to take care of the trees on a regular basis.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Tree adopters will receive a free watering tub to place around the tree and fill up once a week.” D.C. residents can visit the DDOT website to get more information on the QR code tree initiative.

Bryan Laurienti, graphic designer at BBB Systems, noted that a custom QR code that incorporated a design of a tree, colors, or DDOT’s logo would have really made the tree adopting initiative stand out. However, he thinks it’s a great use of QR codes and a creative way to give passerby information on adopting a tree.

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: Would you like to see a tree planting/QR code initiative like this in your city?