Imagine you’re sitting on your couch and a thought pops in your head that leads you to want to search for something on the internet. Your smartphone is right beside you, while your computer is across the room. Which one are you more likely to reach for to make your search? Probably your smartphone. Why? Because it’s right there, and you can search just as fast, if not faster than on your computer.

However, it’s not just proximity that makes people choose their smartphone for internet use over their computer. The time of day can be an important factor  in mobile searches as well. Studies show that mobile searching increases towards the end of the work day and before bed. While during the day desktop searches are more popular.

When it comes to mobile searches, Facebook is king. Out of the top ten searched words in mobile search Facebook ranks number one. Following behind in second place is Google and in third is YouTube. Another interesting fact about Facebook and mobile searches is that Malaysia and Italy use Facebook as a keyword two times the global average compared to Korea and Japan who use it 1/28 and 1/14 of the global average.

Take a look at this infographic presented by Startapp to learn more about mobile search trends.

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