Cell phones aren’t just for talking anymore. Cameras do a lot more than just take pictures. As you all know, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years or so, mobile gadgets have taken over our lives. You can’t walk down the street anymore without passing a multitude of people playing around on smartphones or iPads.

People rely on mobile devices for a lot more than a simple phone call or email these days. A cell phone doesn’t just make phone calls; it will also send emails, tell you the weather, and remind you about your meeting this afternoon. It’s also a camera, a grocery list, and a game center.

Apple has sold over 218 million iPhones since the first generation’s release in June 2007. There have been over 30 billion app downloads from the iTunes app store as of June 2012. Yes, that is billion with a “B.”

Although Apple seems to be cornering the technology market with their iOS run products, other brands such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia have been gaining in popularity with Android and Windows operating systems. In the first quarter of 2012, Android has sold 59% of all smartphones, while iOS is much smaller at 23%.

Apple released the iPad, our newest technological addiction, in 2010. This one of a kind tablet has Wi-Fi connection but also allows users to connect via the AT&T and Verizon networks, so essentially it can be used anywhere.

The iPad is slowly creeping up on laptop use, with laptop use down 39% since the release of the iPad. 75% of users surf the web on their iPad most of the time, while 25% of owners use the gadget to read.

With the release of devices such as the iPad and the Kindle, Amazon’s digital reader, the sale of physical books has decreased so dramatically that bookstores everywhere are closing their doors.

Even your simple digital camera can do much more than snap a moment in time. New models have the technology to edit photos from the camera itself and they also have Wi-Fi access so users can upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter directly from the device.

With all these technological advances in the last half-decade, it will be interesting to see what the industry masterminds have up their sleeves in the next five years.

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