Is your console-loving inner geekiness yearning for some retro-love?

Do you miss the golden geek days when all you had to do was munch cookies and play console games to oblivion? Or until Mom barged into your room and demanded that you go out and play with your siblings?

Yeah, those were the days. Anyway, you can get back to those long gone days of yours using these nifty emulators on your Android smartphone. Yeah, besides the all-too-common Candy Crush, Cut the Rope, Temple Run and other Android games, you can also kill time or reminisce the old days while playing with these classics.

Yeah. And who said gaming is just for kids?

Step 1: Install Emulators

There are literally dozens of emulators present on the internet for Android; all you have to do is look. Also, determine what gaming platform you will be using. Nintendo console emulators have, since the beginning, enjoyed a large following and thus, have more games. While others like Atari and Commodore 64 are largely dinosaurs, there are still emulators designed for those consoles and of course, the insanely popular Sony PlayStation as well.

Emulators for Android work exactly like their PC counterparts. The only difference is, the buttons are on-screen. All you have to do is map the controls on your smartphone. On older devices with hardware keyboards, you can go full-blown geek style and assign controls to the QWERTY keys. Full-touch devices can only use the on-screen keys.

You can find the APKs (Android application files) of these emulators online.

PS 1 – FPse

Nintendo DS – Nds4droid

SNES – Snesoid

Game Gear – Gearoid

Atari ST – Stoid

Nes – Nintendo

Atari 2600 – Ataroid

Sega CD – MD.emu

Step 2: Look for ROMs

After installing your preferred emulators, the next step is to look for ROMs that you want to play. ROMs are the game files. There are several sites that have ROMs for all types of consoles available for download, Most of them, though free, are of dubious legality. If you have no scruples in using probably pirated stuff, it’s your call.

I won’t dabble in the legality of actually downloading games that are, well, being sold for like a few dollars on some vintage gaming stores. It’s like downloading mp3s from certain sites without paying for them, or downloading and installing cracked software. Though there are fewer chances of these files containing viruses than installing cracked software, both are still illegal.

It’s your choice, though, it might be better if you’ll buy the actual ROM from the aforementioned vintage gaming stores and then download the stuff that you found online or only download ROMs that you actually own. It’s much better than software piracy.

Anyway, you just need to have a ROMs folder in your memory card or internal storage, whichever you use or prefer. You then put in all of your downloaded ROMs, and bam!

Welcome to Virtual Reality :D

Step 3: Rehash the Old Times

Well, that was easy, right? Though gameplay is prone to some lags here and there, it is still very enjoyable especially if you have played the games before when you were like, a kid.

Play to your heart’s content. Indulge that geek craving of yours. Play classic games and rekindle your childhood.

But then, sadly and still, no uber-powerful smartphone can beat a real handheld console in gaming. The controls, the interface, they’re just different. Don’t expect the same experience.

But you probably already know that.