A Decade of iPhones- What is Ahead for Apple’s Flagship Phone in 2019 and beyond?

It all started on January 9, 2007, at the Macworld convention when Steve Jobs announced iPhone and drew the media attention. Just after five months, Apple released the first iPhone, and the world was astonished to see the innovative and inventive handheld device. But then, the decade-old journey of Apple’s flagship product iPhone has not remained smooth all the time. Occasionally, the iPhone has lost the ground and regained the popularity.

Initially, the App Store had a handful of apps. Today it houses over 2.2 million apps and this number keeps on increasing. Every day, over a thousand apps, enter in the Apple’s App Store. The iPhone app development services are thriving as technology advances. In such a situation, isn’t it interesting to ponder upon the future of iPhones and its applications?

Since launch, the iPhone has become a status symbol for the affluent class. Similarly, for the iPhone apps, there is a notion: There’s an app for everything. Phone app development companies have worked on this notion and has developed innumerable apps for every task. As a result, we witness the flood of apps in the App Store.

What’s more, every year, Apple brings new variants of iPhones with the user-friendly features and security enhancements. It makes the mobile app development process more advanced. These days, as the incidences of data breach and cyber attacks are increasing worldwide, there is a question mark on the credibility of both Android and iOS platforms. How Apple will respond to these growing threats of cyber attacks will decide the future of iPhone apps.

Apps really gain ground or not?

Well, you may find this question weird. But, the survey has revealed that 23 percent of total apps have used just once after their download. This information certainly makes the number of downloads irrelevant and insignificant. What makes the matter worse is the fact that every one out of the four app user abandons the app instantly after the download.

It points out toward a simple fact that slowly the apps have started losing their charm. As the Apple’s App Store has over 2.2 million apps, and the number is predicted to cross 5 million by 2020, it is not hard to imagine what will happen to the ‘not so lucky’ apps across all the genres.

Of course, entrepreneurs tend to jump on the iPhone app development bandwagon globally to leverage the business benefits of the iPhone’s innovative and interactive features, it is important to consider various aspects for making the app successful. A few of them are-

  • Focus on performance

Many options are available on the App Store. If an app has glitches or lack of proper functionality, then chances are bright that the app users will switch to another app.

  • Optimization for improved visibility

App Store Optimization (ASO) campaign can enhance the visibility of your app in the App Store. You can get some initial downloads that can help you with valuable feedback and you can improve the app accordingly.

  • Regular updates

No user likes the app with the same features all time. As their requirements and market trends change, you need to come up with an updated version to stay relevant.

  • User-friendly functionality

It is important for an iPhone app that it keeps the end user in mind. Be it design or performance, the app should remain friendly with its users through simple navigation and easy-to-understand processes.

  • Pleasant UX with attractive UI

When you hire iPhone app programmers, they will focus on the pleasant User Experience (UX) and attractive User Interface (UI).

Though Apple has penetrated well across the world in recent years. It has entered in the Android strongholds like India and China as well successfully. It reflects an increase in the sales number. But then, what’s the point if an app fails to attract the niche audience consists of iPhone users?

Remember, the iPhone users have a little space left in their devices for the new apps. It is necessary for new players to embrace the technological advancements to bring out-of-the-box iPhone apps. On the other hand, the iPhone app developers also need to brainstorm for developing innovative solutions while addressing the client’s requirements. In the coming years, the competition between the apps is going to be more fierce and intense.

Only the reliable and reputed iPhone app development company can survive and thrive in such a situation. Such company can integrate the advancements of emerging technologies like AR, IoT, and AI to build innovative iPhone app solutions.

From the user’s perspective, the picture is changed now. Yes, the users are more advanced and tech-savvy than before, and they will try and test the new things. Also, they shout a word louder if they like the app through social media and other means.

But then, if the user does not like something, they do not give a second thought. It is probably because they have got many options these days in the thriving app world. Also, free and freemium app concept also requires the company’s attention because it can impact the user’s decision of retaining or deleting the app.

We can certainly expect that tech-savvy users will only welcome the apps that are innovative and can do more function in a versatile way. Therefore, Apple will make the standards more stringent to include only the high-quality apps in its App Store.

In brief, it is fair to mention that the future of business iPhone apps largely depends on three aspects:

  1. Technology
  2. Promotion
  3. Performance

These aspects will be driven by innovation in the coming years. There is no exaggeration in stating that entrepreneurs must focus on these aspects along with keeping the user-friendliness in mind. If you find this task difficult, just sit back and relax. All you need to find the right iPhone app development partner to make your business iPhone app successful.

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