Every app marketer needs a set of trusty tools in their arsenal in order to win in the wild world of mobile. Today we’re cluing you into eight great tools to assist in your app marketing efforts.

These tools provide tremendous value, helping you build your app intelligently (through smart UX designs), improve based on data (through A/B testing and app crash reports), and promote your app with ease (with the help of app store optimizers).

1. UsabilityHub

Usability Hub is a free community-based tool for evaluating and testing different designs. Test screen flows, navigation designs, feature usage, and much more for websites or apps.


Choose from the:

  •  Five Second Test: Test the clarity of your designs by asking users to recall information from a design after viewing it for five seconds.
  •  Click Test: Click tests let you measure the effectiveness of your designs by seeing how users complete a desired path flow based on your instructions.
  •  Navflow: Navflow tests how easy or difficult it is for users to navigate your app.
  •  Preference Test: Ask users to choose between two design options.

Tests cost 1 credit each to run, with credits being earned for evaluating designs submitted by other users. Paid UsabilityHub Pro users have access to additional options, such as demographic targeting, chained test sets, variation split testing, and more.

 2. UX Archive

UX Archive deals specifically with iPhone app screens, showcasing various designs that excel at user experience. See what kinds of screen flows successful apps use for onboarding and get inspiration for your own app!


What’s really neat is that UX Archive provides app screen flows for 22 different kinds of tasks, including:

  • Booking
  • Consuming
  • Deleting
  • Exploring
  • Sharing
  • Reporting
  • Uploading
  • Purchasing

Whatever tasks you want users to be conducting in your app, UX Archive can help inspire you with beautiful, user-friendly screen flows that will delight your users.


Good UI is a site dedicated to helping website designers and builders create better, more user-friendly sites. While most examples listed refer to website design, the vast majority of these lessons can be applied to web apps as well. Take a read through and make sure that your app is practicing good UI!


In addition to visual lessons, Good UI is continuously testing different interface designs with real clients, and they share the results with everyone, allowing you to learn from their successes and mistakes.

4. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a tool that provides data about the top apps in the App Store, helping users gain intelligent insights into how to conduct their own app store optimization (ASO) based on where other apps are succeeding.

Sensor Tower has a free feature that lets you get a quick and easy assessment of how your app is performing in the app store and grades you on your ASO. The grader detects keywords connected with your app, shows a snapshot of customer reviews, and gives you a sensor, visibility, and internationalization score.


The App Store grader tool is free, but the other goodies require a paid plan. Paid Sensor Tower features include:

  • Top App Charts. Monitor app trends and see which apps are trending across various categories.
  • Grow Your Presence. Sensor Tower helps you monitor your app’s performance in the App Store while assisting you in choosing strategic keywords to focus on, analyzing customer reviews of your app, as well as tracking competitors’ apps.
  • App Trend Estimates. Get global download and revenue estimates for the App Store and Google Play Store, allowing you to make intelligent decisions based on current app economic trends.

5. App Annie

App Annie is an app store analytics tool, similar to Sensor Tower. App Annie lets you monitor the daily top app charts, examine app ranking history, monitor competitors, demographic estimates, cross-app adoption rates, and more!


You can grab a basic App Annie account for free, giving you access to the rankings and reviews info. More detailed data and features come with paid accounts.

6. Optimizely

Optimizely makes it easy to A/B test the heck out of web properties and mobile apps.


With Optimizely, you can:

  • Make visual changes without the use of code via Optimizely’s visual editor
  • Update visual changes in real-time, without waiting for App Store approval
  • Test and roll out new features
  • Optimize code-level variables

Optimizely also helps users consider areas of their app that should be tested, such as onboarding screen flows, permission requests, and input interactions. Optimizely also integrates with Localytics for advanced insights, letting you get even more value from your tests.

7. Branch Metrics

Brach Metrics helps app create specialized deep links, which allow apps to:

  • Improve app download attribution tracking
  • Ensure that links to your app route to the correct app store depending on a user’s device
  • If a users install your app while reading mobile content, you can bring the user back to the initial piece of content in-app that they were reading prior to the app install


  • Craft reward referrals so that users who refer friends get proper attribution
  • Personalized onboarding based on referring data

These are just a few of the powerful linking capabilities Branch Metrics enables apps to use. Deep links create better user experiences, and Branch Metrics lets you use those powerful deep links to your app’s advantage.

8. Crittercism

Crittercism is an app performance tool that provides real-time app diagnostics and crash reports, helping apps fix their problems fast.


Crittercism makes it easy to retrace user actions and see exactly what steps led to an error, letting you quickly troubleshoot issues, pinpoint crashes, and set up metric-based alerts for a superior user-experience.

9. Localytics

We may be tooting our own horn a bit, but Localytics definitely belongs on the list of must-have app marketing tools. Localytics provides comprehensive analytics data about your app, and then allows you to make all kinds of intelligent app marketing actions based on that data.


Set up push notifications to only be triggered by certain segmented users after qualifying events, see which acquisition sources drive the highest LTV users, promote sales and special offers through targeted in-app messages, and tons more.

Interested in learning more? Check out a free trial of Localytics!

App Marketing Tools Create More Successful Apps

These app marketing tools will help you create great user experiences, build reliable apps, and promote your apps so that they get the attention they deserve!

Are there any great app marketing tools that we left out? Share your favorite tools in the comments section.