Mobile App CreatorsThere are certain mobile related statistics that every marketer should know about. We’ve outlined nine of the most important ones here.

Monetizing on Mobile.

1. 82% of mobile shoppers use search engines to influence their shopping choices.
2. 52% of mobile shoppers know that they spend more with cross-channel personalization.
3. 79% of smart phone owners use their devices to make purchases.

Mobile Usage.

4. Almost half of American smart phone owners used shopping apps in June 2012.
5. 62% of emails are opened on mobile devices.
6. Tablet users access search engines 73.9% of the time.

The Future of Mobile.

7. Local mobile searches are expected to exceed desktop searches in 2015.
8. Global smart phone use will reach 2 billion by 2015.
9. By 2017, 85% of the world will have 3G access.

So what does it all mean?

As small businesses grow, they will need to continue integrating into the mobile-connected world.

Through social media, mobile apps and more, connectivity and engagement through devices is at an all time high, and will only continue to grow, with more and more consumers getting smart phones and other devices. Customers grow more reliant on their devices by the day, with other forms of advertising and sales becoming almost obsolete.

Businesses simply must adapt and offer mobile-friendly, cross-channel experiences for their customers if they plan to grow and generate business. Apps must be secure and safe, engaging for customers, easy to use, affordable, and generate revenue for the business.

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