When it comes to web designing, you might be looking for ways to make your work easier. Using an iPhone, it becomes very simple for you to do some editing like cropping, rotation, applying borders and effects etc. Web designing becomes a lot more interesting and exciting with apps, as they provide you with a range of tools that let you widen your creative horizon and speed up your work.

Here are 8 of the best iPhone apps that are must-haves for web designers.

HEX RGB Colors Guide: HEX RGB Colors Guide is a reference app that is suitable for people like web designers, print designers, bloggers and for anyone who uses colors for their publications. It provides an easy reference to HEX and RGB color codes.

Photobucket: Photobucket allows you to upload media from your iPhone directly to your Photobucket albums. With this app, you can download images to your device and also share your images, videos and albums with others through email. You can use the URL of the image on your blog or social media. You can also view your Photobucket albums in full-screen. The app allows you to search for photos online. You can just pinch-and-zoom any full-size, orientation-aware photo. You can also geo-tag photos taken with this app. If you are looking for a great media management tool, Photobucket is the perfect choice.

ZeptoPad: ZeptoPad 3.0 is a note & whiteboard application. It has an impressive collection of drawing tools with which you can create vector images. With this app, you can save your worksheets and classify them into folders. You can share your worksheets with other ZeptoPad users, using the P2P function of the iPhone. With the slideshow mode you can project your worksheet onto the screen of your PC via WiFi. Up to three worksheets can be manipulated at the same time by a single iPhone. If you are in need of an easy-to-use diagramming tool, Zeptopad is a suitable choice.

Cinemagram: Cinemagram helps in creating wonderful animation.With this app, one can simply take a short video, mask out the section where he/she wants to indicate movement and add one of the many filters to add some characters to the photo. The app has awesome filters for creating beautiful animation with improved gif quality. It has an eraser and variable brush sizes to fine-tune your mask. You can also share the videos on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Using this app, one can film a short video.

Palettes Pro: Palettes Pro is a powerful productivity tool for creating and maintaining color palettes anywhere and at anytime. Pick out the colors from a photograph or a website, or add colors using any one of the 5 color models available in the app. The app allows you to quickly create a color palette from a website, image, camera or color scheme. You can also import/export palettes from/to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks etc., via email. It allows you to backup and restore your Palettes Pro data directly to/from your own computer, iCloud, Dropbox, or Google docs. You can also email the color palettes to friends and co-workers. The app is a handy tool to create and store various color schemes.

Adobe Pthotoshop Express: The Adobe Photoshop Express software lets users quickly edit and share photos from their mobile device. You can opt for any of the one-touch effects, or simply drag your finger across the screen to crop, rotate, or adjust the color. Other editing features for colors and borders are also available. As a copy of your original file is always saved, you can undo and redo changes. The app has really cool adjust and preview effects. The reduce noise feature smooths out flaws and the self-timer allows you to set the camera timer. The auto review feature gives you a quick look of the picture. The app is one you should own if you would like to create vibrant photos.

Instagram: Instagram is a well-known photo enhancement app which takes only a couple of touches to create a good-looking image. These photos can then be shared with friends and other Instagram users. The new version of the app allows users to browse for images. With Instagram, users can create a complete story featuring their lives. Once you get connected with the app, you can snap a photo from wherever you are and then move, scale or add effects to the image. Many retro effects, adjustable tilt-shift options and free custom-designed filters are also available in the app.

Webr:  Webr is a very useful iPhone app that helps web designers in creating, publishing and editing dynamic websites. Limited technical knowledge is sufficient to work with this app. You can create and upload a website using Webr in 4 simple steps: just title your website, add a suitable image, choose a theme and then publish it. The app consists of a gallery of website themes and unlimited number of pages and blog posts. You can also link Facebook and Twitter to your website easily with the help of this app. The app also allows you to create website passwords, a logo, meta data (to improve your site’s SEO) etc. With the help of the app’s intuitive themes, you can create, full working websites that can be viewed on any browser.

When a website looks appealing, there are more possibilities of it receiving a positive response from customers. Your website must be welcoming to make people want to ‘come in’ and look around. If you are a novice designer, you can make use of custom web design services to create a website that best represents who you are and what you do.