It’s that time of year again. Students and recent graduates are transitioning from the classroom to the boardroom. One year ago, that was me. I’ve rounded up eight apps that will get you in workflow mode in no time, and help you to make the most out of your internship.


As an intern, it’s critical to know the office supply store that is in closest proximity to your office. Many interns are sent to run last minute errands such as picking up critical office supplies or printing out materials for a big client presentation. Download the Staples app and gain access to free coupons and daily deals. The app will also tell you where your nearest store is located based on your current location and offers one hour pick-up on most items. Plus, you’ll look like a hero to your boss for saving the company money.

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Target, Tesco & CVS

Being a human is expensive. Essential purchases such as food, household and personal care items can really add up. Shopping apps like Target, Tesco, and CVS are here to help. Use each app strategically to identify items on special promotion before you enter the store, ensuring you get the best value for money each time you shop. Save a significant amount of money by stocking up on your favorite items while they are on promotion. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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Internships are a great opportunity to build your professional network. Get to know your co-workers and don’t be afraid to ask them for help or advice. Connect with them on LinkedIn so that you can build up your professional network and keep in touch for future opportunities after the internship ends.The LinkedIn mobile app makes this easy to do. It’s also a great way to learn what thought leaders in your industry are talking about and learn from other people’s experiences by consuming relevant content. Connecting with your new co-workers on LinkedIn is also a great way to keep in touch after your internship has finished, making it easy to reconnect with them in the future.


Dressing well can help you feel more confident in your new environment. Zara has a wide range of clothing to suit every office dress code. The Zara app will help you find the perfect work appropriate outfit with trending picks and new arrivals, all while on the go. The retailer even notifies users soon as their highly anticipated sales begin so you can look good and feel good on a tight budget.

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USA Today & Euro News

Downloading a credible news app like USA Today or EuroNews will help you keep track of what’s happening around the globe. You’ll appear intelligent and well informed whenever someone brings up current affairs whether it’s by the water cooler, coffee machine or the beer keg.

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As an intern, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The best advice I can give is to add value where possible, work hard and remember that you’re there to gain experience and build relationships. Internships are a great way to add experience to your resume, stand out from your peers and may even open the door to your next opportunity. What advice would you offer to anyone interning this summer?