As we’ve said before, those customers who take the time to download your mobile app and actually shop with it are your best customers. What do you know about them? What should you know about them? What do they have in common with mobile shoppers and what’s different about them?

A variety of reports have come out recently that attempt to answer these questions. Here’s a roundup of our favorite surprising stats.

When does the weekend begin?

  • Surprising stat #1: iOS users convert at a higher rate on Fridays.
  • Surprising stat #2: Android users convert at a higher rate on Saturdays.
  • What you can do about it: Try customizing the landing page experience for visitors during these times. You could even experiment with different promotions, tailored to this behavior.

Welcome to the working week.

Although these stats don’t speak to retail shopping apps in particular, they are interesting nonetheless.

  • Surprising stat #3: Usage of mobile app corresponds to the ebb and flow of the work week. Most apps see a spike in usage at 9am, noon, and after 8pm.
  • What you can do about it: Try seeing if your customers look for different content at the different times in which they typically shop with you, and see if you can improve that experience.

Does your app get it right?

Make sure your app is providing the right information at the right time.

  • Surprising stat #4: 27% of mobile users read product reviews while in the store.
  • Surprising stat #5: 43% of mobile users say they prefer to shop via PC because they can’t get a clear photograph of the product they’re purchasing on their mobile device.

Showrooming: No big deal.

While Google reported that 70% of shoppers use their phones in-store, McKinsey thinks you don’t need to sweat it:

  • Surprising stat #6: Although many brick-and-mortar retailers worry about showrooming, “most people end up buying from the retailer eventually, and 58% of them do so at brick-and-mortar stores—most of them at the very store where they started.”

Surprising stat #7

The majority of retailers still haven’t read our guide to retail mobile apps.