mobile business apps2013 was another record-breaking, world transforming, totally interconnected year of apps – there’s no disputing that – and we can’t wait to see what developers have in store for us in 2014.   Below is a look at some of the most popular apps of 2013.

Here they come!



It seems like the whole world is on Twitter nowadays. And it’s evolved into the place for breaking news and information on developing stories. In 2013, it even became common for broadcast news television shows to use Twitter users as sources of photo, video, and event reactions, simply because the users are reporting from the scenes of events in real time before news cameras can get anywhere near them.

Here’s to you, Twitter, you’re still changing the game one hashtag at a time.


Tinder proves that, for some projects in life, judging a book by its cover is exactly what’s needed. Namely, dating.

Instead of slogging through voluminous profiles where you learn the extensive reasons why a person loves Bernese Mountain Dogs before you learn why you should care, you can simply flick through photos until someone strikes you.

It’s speed dating, Internet-style, and Tinder is the app that makes it happen.


Thousands of drivers are currently sitting in traffic. That’s a tragedy that really can’t be totally prevented, it seems. But thanks to Waze, the rest of us that are headed towards these jams can get re-routed before we get stuck, too.

Neat, right?

Waze is a community-powered traffic app that not only uses driving data to help people find the fastest way to get somewhere, but it also allows for real-time reporting and other fun stuff. Waze is giving us our lives back and saving us from the traffic monster.

Now, if we only had somewhere to be . . .


Filters, filters, filters. The world is an ugly place, sometimes. But on Instagram, everything looks a lot cooler. And everyone wants to look cool, right? Thus, Instagram is still one of the hottest apps around. Also, if you can wade through all the 14-year-old #swag, you’ll get a glimpse of some pretty amazing photographs.

Yes, we’re “haterz.”

(It felt gross just typing that . . . moving on!)


“Hey man, thanks for getting those tickets – what do I owe you?”

“It’s $120 – they’re awesome, though!”

“No big. But I don’t have that much cash – there’ll be nothing left for drinks!”

“No sweat, just send it using Venmo.”


Okay, so that was the world’s most lame Venmo ad, but you get the point. When friends (or anyone else) needs to transfer money, Venmo is an easy way to do it. The mobile payment world still probably has a lot of shaking out to do, given that every financial company in existence probably wants to dominate the space, but Venmo is doing a nice job carving out a corner, so far.

Candy Crush

A guilty pleasure? Why not?

If you’ve got two minutes and seven seconds to kill, and all you have is a mobile device, Candy Crush is the hero you’ve been waiting for. It’s one of the world’s most popular (and lucrative) games, and there’s no shame in flicking through a few candy puzzles now and then. 2013 was the year of Candy Crush, no doubt about it.


Radio is dead. Long live Pandora.

‘Nuff said.

What was your favorite app of 2013?