7 Online Tools Useful for Students

In the contemporary world, students have gone way more modern and technology-oriented than 20 years ago. Most college students are likely to use a smartphone, computer, and a tablet nowadays. They spend their studying hours working on those devices, but not all of them realize how much potential they carry. The seven online tools from our list will make your gadgets more studying-friendly, and they will help you improve the quality of your learning, while increasing your effectiveness at the same time.

1. Writinghouse
If your paper requires MLA, APA or Chicago citation style, you must be overwhelmed with all details you should pay attention to. All these styles are unique, and the slight differences may confuse you if you have already been used to making book and website citations in your way. With Writinghouse.org, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This is an automated system that will take care of the details and provide you with the citation format you are looking for.

2. Rescue Time
This is a simple web application that uses add-ons installed in your web browser to track where you spend your time, after which it provides you with a detailed report. You can use that information to optimize your time management and make yourself more productive. This app will remind you of a fact you already knew: you spend too much time on particular websites (most likely social media), so you need to use the Internet more wisely.


3. MindMeister
The academic edition of this service costs $24.50, but it is totally worth the money. This service provides its users with a live chat function, as well as simple access to old versions. The mind maps are hosted online, which means that you can access them from any place with access to internet. Brainstorming your school projects on this service is the best way to save time and improve the final results.

4. CampusBookRentals
Instead of buying your textbooks, you can rent them and save a significant amount of money. You will still have access to the correct editions, but use many benefits of this service, such as free return shipping, simple rent extensions, 90% discounts, and a great search engine.

If you still prefer buying your books, then you can use BookFinder, which will provide you with access to numerous discount websites. Make sure to always search by ISBN, because getting the correct edition is extremely important.

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5. Study Blue
This is the favorite study tool of many students. If you like using flash cards during your studying process, you will simply love this app! This website will provide you with tools to create your own flash cards and use them to grasp the knowledge more easily. The service also provides its users with real-time statistics on their projects, which will allow you to keep track on your progress and see how effective you are.

6. Diigo
If your brain is overwhelmed with all the information from your extensive online research, then you absolutely need this tool. You can add Diigo to your web browser, after which you will have an option to add notes to websites and highlight the important information. All changes will be saved to your personal account, and you will be able to automatically access them on the website. There is no need to be worried about a website going offline when you need it the most, because this service will save both an image and HTML version of the webpage.

7. Dropbox
Dropbox is an excellent resource not only for students, but for anyone else with a computer. The cheap upgrade options and two gigabytes of free storage will allow you to store any information you need and access it from different computers. This toll can also be used as an excellent backup option.

Implementing all these tools into practice can overwhelm you, but you should choose at least one of them to start using without delay. If you have an academic paper on your hands, then we definitely recommend starting with Writinghouse. You can start using another tool from the list, and slowly make your progress. You will soon notice how your studying and paper-writing techniques are becoming much more effective than before.