apps for small businessesIf you’re a small business owner, you know the importance of being able to work on the move, by always be accessible to your customers, clients, colleagues and employees.

There are a number of business apps that are emerging on the market, making it possible to stay on the go while remaining in touch when you need to be. These apps can increase productivity, help you manage your time, and stay connected with employees & customers.

Here are 7 great apps that can help your SMB:

1. MozyPro
MozyPro allows users to back up computer files that are important to businesses, allowing them to sync with smart phones, tablets and computers. The app backs up files automatically and is able to be recalled instantly. It is a phenomenal resource for those who want a foolproof backup.

2. Moonfruit

Moonfruit is a website building app that helps the user create a mobile optimized website quickly and easily. It is praised as one of the most helpful and easy apps of its type. Users find it especially helpful, since designing a mobile optimized website from scratch can be time consuming and difficult.

3. DocuSign Ink
DocuSign is helpful for those who have lots of forms to sign, who deal in contracts and other types of paperwork. DocuSign Ink exists solely for smart phone users. You save your signature and use it to sign virtual documents, contracts and more. You can also use it to send others contracts and documents for their signature.

4. TripIt

This app is for people who travel a great deal. The app organizes your travel schedule, lays out flight info, car rental, trains, hotels and any other relevant information related to business travel. It keeps track of your schedule and more, mapping out your entire trip and organizing your travel history.

5. Mynd

The app self-describes as “a calendar with a brain”. The app helps organize your meetings and appointments, looking up the people you’re meeting with via LinkedIn and other places, so you can have background info, as well as tell you about the traffic in areas you’re traveling to, giving transport reports, and more. It is a helpful resource for those who have lots of meetings and meet new people regularly.

6. 30/30

This app is designed for self-starters, and works as a timer. If you work hard for 30 minutes, you get thirty minutes to “waste”. The timer will ding when you’ve used up your time. It works on a cycle pattern, and the user is able to set the times for themselves. This app boosts productivity and helps the user keep track of the time they work and the time they waste, making them more productive.