small biz apps

With 8 out of 10 new, small businesses shutting their doors after just two years, it’s vital to think about the way you’re running business. Providing superior service and building rapport with consumers is critical for long-term success. As a business owner, pricing, product development and marketing add to the list of your responsibilities. With the tasks piling up, innovative mobile apps can save you time, money and improve your business’ ability to operate. Next time you’re feeling the pressure, turn to these seven apps to save the day.

  • Evernote – A versatile productivity app, Evernote keeps all your thoughts, research and lists in one cloud-based app. Evernote also serves as a collaboration tool allowing multiple team members to access a notebook, make comments and share ideas.
  • Google Drive – For businesses using Google Drive to manage documents, complete scheduling and manage tasks, access on-the-go is a necessity. Google Drive’s mobile app provides an easy-to-use interface where team members can view, edit and share information.
  • Kony – From cloud-based enterprise software to custom mobile app development, Kony mobile app software provides businesses of any size with dynamic tools designed to keep your business organized, productive and efficient.
  • Expensify – No more files of business receipts and time consuming expense reports to bog down your day. With Expensify, you can create invoices, track expenses and create professional reports in nearly any type of currency from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Square Register – Do you want to take advantage of making sales while you’re on the go? Do you need a cost-effective point of sale system for your store? Welcome to Square Register, a mobile transaction app that allows your business to take payments, send receipts and track sales from anywhere.
  • TrackMaven – Effective marketing requires thorough competition research. With TrackMaven’s mobile app, you’re able to view real-time feeds detailing your competition’s recent activity and create visualizations that make trend analysis a breeze.
  • EchoSign – As a business owner, you need to be able to ensure your business runs smoothly. If you’re not available to sign a document, multiple operational processes can be delayed. With EchoSign, you’re able to securely review, sign and send documents from your mobile device.

Investing in mobile app software is the most cost effective way to boost efficiency and productivity, allowing your small business to compete with the “big guys.” Using these seven mobile apps will streamline workflows, keep your team on task and ensure you never miss a sale.