Mobile UX ( User Experience) has significantly shifted a new gear in human computer interactivity. Especially with consumer apps that are beginning to look and feel more realistic and natural from a users point of view. But, on the other hand, Enterprise apps are just beginning to catch up with. However the dawn of new age mobile technologies and the “mobile maturity” of a general user has helped hasten this trend of enterprise app UX design. The steep growth in mobile industry and frequent upgrades on native operating systems prove users now possess a profound understanding of mobile technology and Interactivity –  which in turn re-defines how we use, organize, interact with & harness this information.


Having stated all of the above and considering the brisk phase in the evolution of consumer app UX, there’s absolutely no-reason why UX must be lost on enterprise apps. Infact, the UX on enterprise apps has to be equivalent to that of consumer apps or even better. Users these days aren’t simply dependent and satisfied with apps that merely get the job done, they want to use apps that are intuitive yet simple, apps that look and feel almost realistic.

A great interface or experience will not only increase productivity and boost the conversion rate, but will also keep the user engaged with the product and help establish a ‘trust factor’ which is key for the success of any enterprise solution. Furthermore, UX may infact be the single most significant contributor to the success or failure of an enterprise mobile solution.

Lets dive in deeper to learn, the 7 Keys factors which would influence a great UX on Enterprise mobile App.

Usefulness – How can it ease users life or make their tasks easier?

Usability – Is it user friendly? Avoid unresponsive gestures – focus on having the right gestures (tap, pick, swipes, shakes etc.) in the right place.

Informative – Are you one step ahead of the users always? Knowing where’s he/she has been previously or showing them information even before they ask for it.

Uniqueness – Is the app offering some uniqueness?

Accessibility – What is the load time? Do users find what they’re looking for?

Credibility – Have you added those design elements that make users believe in your app offerings?

Innovative –  Does your app come with a WOW factor?

Do any of these factors strike a chord? Lets discuss this in more detail. We have a live webinar coming up on Feb 18th, where we will dive into each key factor in more detail. Packed with powerful lessons, ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples and valuable tips, this webinar is a must attend to ensure enterprise app adoption and success. See you there !

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