5 tips on how to sell websitesBefore I give you some great mobile simulators, let me just go over some quick stats*:

  1. There will be more mobile phone users than desktop users by 2013.
  2. Since 2010, mobile searches have grown 4 times.
  3. By 2015, each person on earth will have a mobile device.

It’s a great opportunity for web developers. Things are surely looking up for all of us. That is – if we can develop a mobile site that could give the best mobile experience.

According to a study made by Compuware about what users wants from their mobile device, 40% of mobile users turn to a site’s competitor after a bad mobile experience and 23% of them have cursed at their phone when a site doesn’t work. And if a mobile site doesn’t work on major mobile operating system, there’s no one else to blame but us.
So while we are working on to bring up a mobile site that’s simple to navigate, thumb-friendly, quick to load, visible enough, and most of all – seamless, it’s important to test it on major operating systems.

It’s going to be expensive to purchase an Android phone, iPhone, Blackberry and other smart phones for the purpose of testing a mobile site. So I have gathered a list of mobile phone simulators and mobile web simulator for you to test your mobile pages.

Simple Mobile Simulator

This mobile simulator is super easy to use and setup. It shows how a website looks on an iPhone and is easy to insert into a webpage. If you have a mobile website, pop it into this simulator and show your client. They will be very impressed!


iPhoney will allow you to see how your mobile site will look on iPhone which is actually powered by Safari. According to them, it’s not a phone simulator but a tool designed for web developers who create a 480 by 320 website to be used for iPhones.

It’s an open source mobile phone simulator that makes it free to use.

Blackberry Smartphone Simulator

Do you want to test your mobile site on official Blackberry’s mobile phone simulator? Go to the site and use their tool and download it for free. You can use it to view and test your mobile site and see how the keyboard and track pad/wheel will work on your mobile site.

Opera Simulator

Since a lot of mobile users use Opera browser, it helps to test your mobile site on the official Opera developer tools. This mobile web simulator is simple to use and doesn’t require anything to download.


DotMobi is also another tool that doesn’t require anything to download to test your mobile pages on major phones. You just have to enter the mobile sites address and select a skin to view it on any brand.


In addition to dotMobi, you can also check how your mobile site is viewed on major smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Sharp with the help of mobiReady which is very simple to use. The site also presents some analysis and scores your site for readiness, speed, and size. This mobile phone simulator gives an overall score of how your mobile site is viewed on mobile phones.


GoMo is Google’s project to make a regular site mobile. After you enter a URL, it will bring up a mobile preview of your site. Click on the Preview button to select how your site looks on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

*(Source: Gartner, 2010; Google Mobile Optimization Webinar, 2011; Cisco, 2011)

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