If you are like me, just an average iPhone user who somehow tends to drop their device at least once every day, you already know the difference a good case can make. With the new iPhone 6S released last month, many retailers are already stocked with dozens of well-designed and durable cases. Here are my 7 favorite ones, so far:

Otterbox Strada Series

If you live a busy lifestyle and your everyday routine involves numerous meetings, you most definitely need a stylish case for your iPhone 6S. The Otterbox Strada Series is made from fine leather and the same time comes with enhanced drop protection. Furthermore, the card slot can easily help replace your wallet!

Speck MightyShell plus Faceplate

Often protection comes by sacrificing important design features of the smartphone, but not with the Speck MightyShell plus Faceplate. It’s the most durable, slim and in some way stylish case for iPhone 6S out there. The enhanced military grade drop protection, the true tap technology and also the pretty impressive design are pretty much all you should be looking for when shopping for a suitable smartphone case.

Moshi SenseCover

Closed lid iPhone 6S covers often have one huge downside – you need to constantly open and close them to perform basic actions such as checking date & time or answering a phone call. The touch-sensitive Moshi SenseCover eliminates these problems and at the same time gives you the extra durability you desire! In addition to that, the Moshi SenseCover is made specifically for the iPhone 6S, so you will have no troubles plugging in your accessories.

LifeProof Fre

Even if you are not among the most active individuals, your everyday life carries numerous risks for your smartphone, the most notable being dirt, water, vibrations, drops and even snow. The best way to protect your device is with the LifeProof Fre – a durable smartphone case, made to withstand even the harshest conditions!

Duo Armour Protection Series

When tough is just not good enough for you, the Duo Armour Protection Series are likely to be your top choice. This stylish, military grade protection iPhone 6S case is likely to withstand a drop from a 2 story building and even worse conditions! In addition to that, it provides comfortable grip and looks kind of ruggedly trendy, so it is likely to match the style of every active person!

Duo Tough Extreme Series

The Duo Tough Extreme Series is another one of the most protective iPhone 6S cases ever manufactured, but also comes with beautiful design. Besides incredibly high levels of protection the Duo Tough Extreme Series also allows comfortable grip and full access for all third party accessories you may want to connect to your device. You can choose from 10 color variations, to ensure the desired case will match your personality.

Ballistic Jewel

The Ballistic Jewel comes with stylish design and reinforced corners to ensure maximum protection for your iPhone 6S. Multiple tests performed by the manufacturer suggest that the Ballistic Jewel can withstand drop from up to 6 ft., which is pretty impressive.

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