Owning a car not only helps you get from one location to the next, it is a privilege that requires taking care of the vehicle. While a vehicle requires everything from car insurance to gas, you might be surprised to find that some car apps for your phone can make life easier. Some car apps are so useful, that owners of motor vehicles will find that it improves their driving experience.

Traffic Alert

Traffic Alert is one of the car apps that all drivers who own a smart phone should obtain. This app helps determine where there is current traffic so that you are able to bypass the traffic and get where you are going faster. Since traffic is a common problem, particularly in cities, the app helps avoid the problems that come with traffic so that you will not end up late due to the slow stop and go situations that might otherwise arise.

The alert is given based on other user warnings and police warnings. The police warnings of new traffic developments are automatically updated in the system. The user warnings are only shown if another user reports current traffic conditions in an area, even if the police have not yet issued a warning for the area. When an alert is issued, anyone with the app will receive the alert so that he or she can avoid the area and use the GPS to find a new route.

Gas Buddy

With the cost of gas constantly on the rise, finding a gas station with a lower price is often challenging. Fortunately, the Gas Buddy app allows you to find the nearest low cost gas station. It is particularly useful when gas stations vary as much as 20 percent in within two or three blocks because it will tell you where the least expensive gas is available.

The gas buddy app can add up in large savings each year. Add those savings along with cheap car insurance, a smaller sized vehicle, and you won’t constantly open your wallet only to find no money inside. If you save four or five dollars each time you fill up, by the end of the month you might save as much as 15 or 20 dollars, depending on how many times you fill up the tank.


The Carticipate app is designed to help save money and minimize your carbon footprint on the planet by carpooling with others who are heading in the same direction. This app helps you find people who are going the same way then either provide a ride or get a ride from them.

The app is not only a means of finding a carpool as often as possible, but also provides a social network where people are able to discuss issues on the app.


Anyone who has ever been pulled over at a speed trap location or who has found that they receive a ticket due to traffic light speed traps can benefit from using Trapster. This app shows areas that are well known as police speed traps and allows users to put in further information about speed traps in local areas. If users find and report a speed trap, other users of the app will have an alert showing where the speed trap is to prevent getting a ticket, which will cost you a pretty penny in increased car insurance rates.

Tag Sighting

The Tag Sighting app is the ideal app for anyone who has ever been in a situation where a bad driver almost causes a crash. Since most people have been in a situation where a crazy driver nearly crashes, resulting in slamming on the brakes, this app is ideal to provide an outlet for the anger.

The app uses the smartphone’s camera to capture an image of the license plate of the vehicle. You can then post a comment about the driver or situation and alert other drivers to watch out for the car.

Find My Car

We’ve all been in a situation where we forget where the car is parked. Whether you’ve gone into a store at the mall or you’ve parked a few blocks down the street when you go home, locating your car can become a nightmare. Fortunately, it is possible to use an app to keep track of where you’ve parked a vehicle. The Find My Car app is designed with this situation in mind and is the perfect solution to the problem of forgetting where you’ve parked the car.

The app uses the GPS system on the phone to keep track of where you parked the vehicle. You simply open the app and it will help you locate your parked vehicle regardless of how near or far it was parked from your current location. It then provides walking directions so that you have a hassle free time locating your car among the many in a parking lot or down the street if you forgot the street name.


For those who have a need for speed, Dynolicious is the perfect car app for your needs. This app measures the quarter mile elapsed times, trap speeds, lateral G-forces, braking G-forces, horsepower and zero to 60 features on a vehicle. You simply type in the required data relating to the vehicle model, the vehicle weight and passenger weight and then the app will use sensors of the way the vehicle is moving to calculate real-time data of the vehicle’s performance. It not only measures the vehicle’s performance, but it also helps you measure your driving skills and driver performance.

For better accuracy, the app will allow users to edit data as it changes to keep the real-time data up to date.


Car apps provide convenience when you need it most: while you are driving. Whether you want to know the car’s performance or you are interested in saving some money, it is possible to find an app that matches your needs.