All of us would like to start the New Year with a clean slate. However, most of us have multiple commitments and interests that quickly tangle with our plans and before we know it our New Year resolutions have been bogged down in clutter. While the Internet and electronic gadgets can be time suckers, they can also be used to declutter your life with the right apps.


How often have you searched for a book, dress, or tool but was unable to find it in the general clutter of your garage or closet? Instead of randomly searching the attics, basements, and garage for the mislaid skis, use Sortly and search for your favorite items with ease.

With Sortly you can take pictures, label, and tag all the things you love but find difficult to track. The items are easily searchable as you can create separate lists for home and work and make sub classifications as well. Sortly can also be used when packing and moving to help keep track of items in the various cartons.

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Grocery IQ

Whether you live alone or are responsible for a feeding a family, running out of vital ingredients when you are all set to cook can be a magnificent waste of time. Instead of running to the grocery store many times or ending up with multiple packs of the same item, create and maintain a grocery list using Grocery IQ.

This app enables you to share the list, integrate coupons, has a favorites list, enables you to add product details, sort by store and aisle and ensures that you do not have to worry about leaving your grocery list at home. Share it with your spouse or roommate if you divide household chores to make life easier.

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My Data Manager

With the large number of apps and mobile content available, sticking to a mobile data plan and budget can be difficult and tricky. However, when you use My Data Manager you will be alerted when you are nearing your data limits.

You can also track the data usage of other members of your family and set limits that will help you avoid the financial shock of a large data usage bill. This is an app that will help you stick to your budget even as you make the best use of your mobile devices.

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The Internet is an astounding tool for connectivity and obtaining information. However, this very benefit can be a source of distraction when you are trying to work. You might be researching on a specific topic but come across something else that interests you; friends on social media might have posted links to interesting articles, videos, and music that can be a distraction during working hours.

Now, use Instapaper to save, manage, and read, view, or listen to all of this with a single click. Proceed with your work after saving the article you want on Instapaper and read it later from any other mobile device. You can even read offline or highlight important lines with ease and share the best quotes.

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The world has become more digital and online with more people using mobile and online methods of payment, shops, and media. Simultaneously, one comes across news reports of hackers obtaining online data that can be financially ruinous. With multiple accounts and banks, the number of passwords you have to remember and keep track of can be humongous.

Moreover, most of these passwords have to be changed periodically, adding to the complexity. With 1Password, all you need to do is remember a single password that is strong and secure. The app will remember all your other passwords, ensuring that you do not have to struggle to keep track of the various passwords you need to use each day – to login at work, to access your bank account, your email, your credit card details, and so on.

1Password can be shared with coworkers or family and can be accessed from multiple devices. It will also help you generate unique, strong passwords that can be customized as per your requirements.

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One effective way of decluttering your life is to keep track of your expenses and monitoring your spending. Billguard does just that by linking with your bank accounts and credit cards so that you can easily see the major expenses at any time.

The app also helps protect you from fraud and alerts you to unnecessary charges. You can quickly and easily send a mail to your bank or credit card company about the additional charges with a single click. With Billguard you can make sure that you stay within your budget before making a purchase by checking the expenses already incurred.

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With the multiple tasks and responsibilities each of us has, important events and jobs are sometimes missed. With Todoist you can consolidate and add to your task list from multiple devices and sources ensuring that you have a visual reminder of all that you need to do. You can also share items from the Todolist for collaborative work and set up special reminders for repetitive tasks such as paying bills.

With this app you can be sure that you will not forget a birthday or a pending bill, making life much simpler. You can also quickly check your schedule at a glance before making fresh commitments, simplifying your life further. With this app you will be able to fit in your priorities – family time, prepare dinner, shopping for necessities, self-improvement, fitness – before your time is frittered away in other activities of lesser value.

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Photo Credit: Jau Kay