Mobile is already the next big thing globally. India, which has lost in the desktop game, has been clearly leading in the mobile race. Besides this video consumption has been one of the major activities on portable devices and the latest Global Mobile Video Insights Q3 2013 has proved it right.

The latest survey by Vuclip on 50,000 people globally, including approximately 8,000 from India highlights some interesting trends globally and about India.

Global Mobile Video Insights Q3 2013

1. 65% of global respondents prefer to watch full length movies or TV episodes on their phones instead of shorter clips. The percentage increases to 75% for a younger audience under 18 demographic.

2. Males dominate the segment with a percentage of 67% who prefer the mobile as compared to 57% of females.

3. Preference to mobile as a content consumption device. 84% in total said that they would prefer watching TV programmes via mobile and it increases to 92% when the demographic is less that 18 years old. Same holds true for watching movies on mobile.

4. However, the top three concerns of watching content on mobile are cost, buffering and the inability to find interesting content.

India Mobile Video Insights Q3 2013

1. The survey also stated that 62% of respondents in India prefer to watch movies or TV serials instead of short movie clips on their phones. While 79% of respondents among the age group of 18 years and under prefer long form of content.

2. Besides movies, 81% of respondents in India preferred watching their favorite TV serial on mobile if made available. This preference is particularly strong among the ’18 and under’ age group at 95%.

3. Top searches from India on mobile primarily focused on – Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket and Devotional.

The latest figures again emphasize the fact that mobile is where marketers and startups should focus on since the consumers are on it. Recently Juxt, a research firm had released the India Mobile Landscape 2013 report. The study highlighted that India has 554.8 million mobile users and 143.2 million unique Internet users. The report further added that around 94.7 million users access internet from their desktop/laptop, smart TV or mobile data connections such as GPRS/EDGE and 3G together.

The Mumbai-based financial advisory firm Avendus Capital recently stated in its report that 50% or more Indians are browsing internet via mobile.

It would be interesting to see how marketers brace themselves for this change in content consumption behavior.