The mobile application industry has without a doubt evolved into one of the fastest growing industries in recent time. Arguably, faster than even the internet.

As a result, the demand for mobile apps is drastically on the rise. In fact, a 2016 study surveyed businesses and found that 62% of companies, both small and large, either already had an app or were in the process of building one.

In the past, the cost to develop a mobile app was a huge investment only available to large businesses with huge IT budgets. Mobile app development could be in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars for even a simple application. However, app development costs are starting to decrease as newer tools emerge allowing entrepreneurs and digital agencies to offer mobile apps to their small businesses clients at prices they can actually afford making the industry really take off.

Easy to use app building tools and white label mobile app reseller programs have opened the doors for small businesses to finally take advantage of technology that was once only available to the Fortune 500. Whether you’re an aspiring developer, with great ideas of apps, a marketer looking to add mobile apps to your offerings, or someone simply looking to seize the opportunity of this fast growing industry, becoming a white label mobile app reseller can open the door for you.

Of course, when anyone says you need to get your foot in the door for the next big opportunity, there are several questions that pass through your mind. Here are 6 reasons why you should start your own mobile app company geared towards small businesses.

The demand for mobile apps and small businesses is very high

Mobile apps, are quickly becoming recognized as an indispensable tool for small businesses. In an age where customer experience reigns supreme, a brand’s ability to offer a exceptional mobile experience is almost mandatory. The benefits of mobile apps for customers of small businesses range from increasing customer loyalty to increasing customer engagement. You know, things that actually help a small business grow!

white label mobile reseller

While larger companies have already created great mobile experiences for their customers, there are a lot of small businesses that have been looking on and waiting for app development to fall into their price range. Thanks to white label mobile app programs, that time has finally come and not a moment too soon, as over half of smartphone users expect their favorite companies to at least have a mobile-friendly website.

As more and more small business owners realize they can now afford these mobile applications, this demand is only going to increase. You’ll be surprised how many businesses are shocked that you can supply them with a highly functional mobile app at a price they can afford. But more importantly, a mobile app that will increase their bottom line.

Becoming a white label mobile app reseller is inexpensive

Unlike other business opportunities out there, you don’t need a ridiculous amount of money to start your own white label mobile app company. With a small investment in yourself or existing company, you can begin creating & selling mobile apps to small businesses for less than ~$1000 when all is said and done. The cost structure of mobile white label mobile app reseller programs are a small monthly fee but typically includes everything you need to be successful.

When evaluating any industry to break into, cost is always a concern, but more importantly you want to evaluate the potential return on your investment. With the mobile app market in full growth mode it is one of the best investments you can make due to the high demand and low competition. Alternatively, if you are already a local small business marketer, you can seamlessly integrate mobile apps into your current company and begin offering your clients a new mobile dimension to their businesses.

Reseller programs make it easy to build & sell mobile apps

Practically anyone can become a white label mobile app reseller; you don’t need the technical skills and experience to build an app from scratch. Do-it-yourself app building platforms are easy enough for most people to handle and begin building apps. Some mobile app reseller programs even include the ability for you to only focus on sales and not even worry about designing mobile apps as they offer a paid design service for you and your potential clients.

The key here is to pick the right partner when deciding whether or not reselling mobile apps is for you as you will want to work with a company that will be there to support you the whole way through. There should always be current and relevant publications, webinars and other educational materials that you can take advantage of and expand your knowledge of mobile development and how to sell mobile apps.

  • Not interested in designing mobile apps? Make sure whatever company you work with offers a mobile app design service.
  • Don’t have any existing clients? Make sure your mobile app partner has sales training available to help you secure your first customers.
  • Have an established brand with high profile clients? Ensure you work with the leader in the space with the best technology and customer support.

Additionally, you have the freedom to rebrand, repackage mobile apps to make them appear custom, all under your own brand with white label mobile app reseller programs. So go ahead and customize them as you wish. You will likely learn your own lessons as you grow as a white label mobile app reseller.

You’re able to offer mobile apps at prices businesses can afford

Offering white label mobile apps is undoubtedly a lucrative business. The demand is there and you’re offering a very expensive service at a much lower cost than what the market is used to seeing. The days of spending tens of thousands of dollars to create an app are over with white label mobile app reseller programs available. You can simply build an app, charge a set up fee in the range of $1000-$3000 and also a recurring monthly fee from $50-$200/month depending on how much hand holding you do with your clients.


Small business owners are in need of the services an app reseller provides and are more than willing to pay for you to craft their mobile app strategy for them while they focus on what they do best, which is running their business! With that thought in mind, this industry promises a hefty ROI and loads of potential clients, especially when you consider the high demand that exists and your low costs for being a white labeled mobile app reseller.

However, let’s do some napkin math here. If you’re able to sell 10 apps per month, charge $100/month per app, by the end of the year you could very well have 6-figure business on your hands. Your financial success, however, is going to depend on your willingness to learn, grow and reinvest some of your money into mobile app business.

The mobile app market is expected to double by 2020

Aside from the existing high demand, there is still a lot of growth left in the mobile app market. The mobile app industry is currently worth just over $50B, but it is expected to double by 2020 to over $100B. That is a lot of growth in a short period of time. Mobile apps are here to stay and consumers are beginning to gravitate towards brands that have the best mobile experiences for them to benefit from.

This means that not only is there a growing market for mobile apps, but also a more diverse one. Today, mobile apps offer the opportunity to provide an app-based e-commerce platform for a retail store, takeaway ordering service for a restaurant, easy scheduling for a hair salon, ability to offer loyalty programs, and much more. The benefits you’ll be able to provide to your small business clients with mobile apps can be as endless as the types of industries you can sell into.

You can easily measure success as a white label mobile app reseller

One of the hardest parts about starting a new business and running it successfully is knowing that you are making the right decisions and (perhaps more importantly) when you are making the wrong ones. Reselling mobile apps is no different; you want to know that your apps are serving their purposes, receiving downloads and actually being used once they are downloaded. In addition, you can easily measure your success by simply how satisfied your clients are or how much revenue you’re generating from your mobile app company.

Luckily, the success of your apps (and thereby your company) is easy to measure. Aside from your client’s input, your apps will also receive reviews on Google Play, the Apple App Store and other app marketplaces. These critiques provide vital information into what is working and what isn’t, and allow you to improve your apps over time and ensure that you are staying ahead of emerging trends. Once you have your first few customers under your belt, you’ll be able to build off of this momentum and really start forecasting a real new revenue stream for yourself or your existing business.


Creating your own company reselling mobile apps takes a lot of work but with the right partner it can be fairly easy. As you begin evaluating the mobile app market make sure that you’re asking the right questions and doing your homework before jumping in head first as a white label mobile app reseller!